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Velocix is a world leading provider of Digital Media Delivery Platforms, a new generation CDN (Content Delivery Network) infrastructure solution for network service providers, designed to meet the rich media needs of the 21st century Internet.

Velocix offers service providers one of the broadest and most innovative ranges of content delivery technologies in the industry, tailored specifically to delivering large media files that will continue to be the driving factor behind the exponential growth in consumer IP traffic.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent, Velocix was founded in 2002 in Cambridge, UK and is a leading authority and innovator in the field of digital content delivery over IP technologies. The company has a proven track record of bringing unique and exciting technologies to market that provide intelligent digital media delivery, in particular for large multi-GB media assets.

Our Commitment to our Customers

We are passionate about making our customers successful. We are 100% focused on ensuring that their consumers and subscribers are treated to a compelling and rewarding on-line experience, be they watching video, downloading a new video game release, or upgrading a desktop software application.

We are agile and flexible and work collaboratively to make sure we meet their needs and exceed their expectations. We are working with well established brands helping them embrace a new and exciting channel to market. We are working with new entrant start-ups and entrepreneurs looking to introduce innovative new service offerings and business models to market. Every one of our customers, no matter how large or small, gets the red carpet treatment.

A Track Record of Constant Innovation

Velocix (formerly known as CacheLogic) has a proven track record of constant innovation and advancement, with many patent applications related to network cacheing and P2P technology and a number of industry firsts. For example, Velocix was the first company to combine P2P technology with traditional CDN concepts to create a new generation CDN. Velocix was also first to market with a CDN infrastructure solution designed specifically to meet the needs of network service providers.

The company was initially founded as an Internet consulting business in 2002. By late 2002, the company had already established itself as networking experts and was providing consulting services to a number of leading ISPs around the world. This timeframe happened to coincide with the explosive growth of illegal P2P file sharing traffic on ISP networks around the world. Through a detailed awareness and understanding of this growing problem, Velocix developed innovative new P2P caching concepts and created a Cache Appliance solution. This solution was widely adopted by over 30 of the worlds leading ISP's for deployment on their networks, enabling them to better understand and manage their networks and gain control over illegal P2P traffic.

The company's efforts in this area and associated patent filings were recognized by the UK Government with a Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Smart Award. Early commercial trials for the Cache Appliance began in mid-2003 with the first commercial sales following on before the end of that year.

In 2005 Velocix became increasingly aware of the true potential of P2P technology and the role it could play in unlocking the economics of the Internet for legitimate distribution of large digital assets such as video, software and games. These ideas developed into plans for a new generation CDN with a groundbreaking new network architecture that exploited our P2P domain expertise, whilst combining a series of associated techniques and innovations to deliver large digital assets over the web. The result was the Velocix global digital asset delivery network, designed to meet the needs of the 21st century internet. Network build-out began in mid-2006 with a commercially available service being delivered in Q1 2007.

Velocix is today poised for exponential growth, with a world class team in place, a world class network, and burgeoning demand for digital asset delivery services from both traditional and new entrant broadcasters, producers and distributors.

On January 30th 2008, CacheLogic unified its company name, products and services together under the Velocix brand. The new name and brand aligns the company's corporate identity with its strategic direction as an innovative and market leading provider of on-line digital delivery services.

In December 2008, Velocix launched its Metro solution for Internet Services Providers. Velocix Metro packages the core components and capabilities of the Velocix CDN as a turn-key solution for ISPs and carriers, enabling them to deploy their own advanced digital delivery capability. Velocix Metro-enabled ISPs are better placed to control surging network traffic costs and introduce differentiating and revenue-generating content services.

In July 2009, Velocix was acquired by Alcatel-Lucent, enabling both companies to leverage the knowledge of IP and networking with content delivery intelligence and experience to drive the content network routing evolution.

On 23 March 2010, Alcatel-Lucent introduced the Velocix Digital Media Delivery Platform - a suite of advanced high performance appliances focused on providing operators with a next generation on-net CDN infrastructure solution, uniquely including a complete set of business tools from reporting through to geo-blocking and content provider portals. The Velocix Digital Media Delivery Platform has since led the market in redefining the features and functionality of an on-net CDN solution

In 2011, Velocix led the market introduction of Per Stream Encryption for content security, enabling a secured content experience on connected devices.

In October 2012, Velocix launched the Velocix Enhanced Video Experience (EVE) leverages the Internet protocol (IP) capabilities of Alcatel-Lucent‟s Velocix content delivery network (CDN) technology to support the efficient, and cost- effective delivery of personalized video streams to huge numbers of viewers while taking advantage of the strengths and quality benefits of managed broadband networks. Velocix EVE offers the ability to manipulate each video stream to account for factors such as network conditions, the kind of smartphone, PC or tablet the person is using and the type of content being watched, thereby helping to ensure a high-quality experience for viewers.

Velocix EVE is the first solution on the market that combines important techniques for customized video delivery – rule-based transformation (RBT) and session-awareness - in the same IP streaming delivery infrastructure. RBT centralizes all of the video analysis and processing at the core of the network, where there is the greatest processing capacity. In this way, any given piece of video content can be delivered to devices at the edge of the network, closer to the consumer, along with a „rule‟ that instructs these delivery devices how to modify the video stream into the different formats needed to serve smartphones, TVs, tablets, or PCs. This process both reduces costs and makes it easier to personalize content while providing a higher quality of experience than is possible when relying on the open Internet to transmit content.

In July 2014, Velocix grew to include a new ‘antenna’ office for Alcatel-Lucent’s Bell Labs, led by Bo Olofsson. The new office will foster a nimble ‘start-up’ like environment to allow researchers to actively engage with Alcatel-Lucent’s businesses, other Bell Labs researchers and external stakeholders such as enterprises, universities and other research organizations. You can read more about the new Bell Labs office in our press release.   

In September 2014 Alcatel-Lucent further developed its class leading CDN solution with the introduction of virtualization. This gives operators the agility to instantly scales their CDN with  the  ‘elastic CDN’ concept capable of adjusting to network capacity for both planned and unexpected changes in demand, common during  popular sporting events or due to a viral video. You can read more about the Velocix innovations in virtualisation in our press release.