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Multi-CDN architecture

CDN Broker provides highly efficient switching between public and private CDNs, using a powerful, rules-driven CDN decisioning engine and in-stream CDN switcher for optimising traffic delivery.

Open multi-CDN platform
Design scales for even the largest video service providers

Private and public CDNs
In-streaming switching
Integrated probing

CDN Broker monitors client and server-side data to guide decisioning. Streams can be re-routed to other CDNs mid-flight if expected KPIs are not being met, if the preferred CDN fails, or if available capacity is exceeded.

Microservice module-based design
The cloud-native design is based on the following microservice modules:

Decision engine

Module decides how to optimally route traffic across multiple private and public CDNs based on configurable business rules, static data, real-time measurements, and predictive analytics

Switching engine

Executes routing decisions and directs traffic to the appropriate CDN. Manages CDN routing at the segment level and can dynamically redirect stream traffic to alternate CDNs when necessary

Data collector

Data collector interfaces with CDNs, clients and other systems to gather the data required to measure CDN performance and accurately route traffic.

Rules engine

Presents a unified control plane, monitoring and measurement framework that spans multiple CDNs to normalise data and simplify operational tasks.


Integrated probing provides server-side performance metrics to assess the health of the CDNs in use.


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