CDN Interoperability Whitepaper
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Defining Standards That Can Increase Market Reach And Unlock New Monetization Opportunities

With the rise of on-net CDNs, CDN interoperability has emerged as a strategically important concept and topic of discussion for service providers and the larger content industry. This white paper explores the important aspects of CDN interoperability, focusing on key concepts relating to CDN federation and interconnection. It examines:

  • Typical use cases and scenarios pushing service providers to interconnect their CDNs, including CDN footprint extension and traffic offload
  • Key technical requirements that will allow service providers to establish and maintain successful interconnections
  • Sandardization efforts that are driving progress toward fully interoperable on-net CDNs

This paper also explains how Alcatel-Lucent is already leveraging Velocix CDN features and APIs to provide service providers with shared CDN deployments that support technical interconnection and business model federation.

Download the whitepaper here