Velocix Enhanced Video Experience Whitepaper
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Accelerate The Adoption and Monetization Of Personalized Streaming Video Services

This paper describes the Velocix Enhanced Video Experience (EVE), a foundation for delivering next-generation multiscreen video streaming services over IP-based CDNs. Velocix EVE extends Alcatel-Lucent’s Velocix CDN technology to help service providers:

  • Extend premium pay TV offers to IP connected devices
  • Simplify networks and remove costs as IP video streaming scales to the mass market
  • Deliver a more personalized, compelling  TV and video service experience to vast numbers of viewers across all connected devices
  • Add multiscreen support for important pay TV functions such as ad insertion, blackouts and emergency alerts
  • Offer popular time shifted video services, including Pause-live TV, Restart TV, Rewind TV, Catch up TV and network-PVR

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