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The  following products and services are based upon the Velocix  end-to-end CDN solution. Encompassing every technical,   reporting, provisioning, billing, monitoring and business requirement, the Velocix CDN provides on-demand and live video services  supporting all industry-leading online video formats. The Velocix CDN  provides a delivery solution to   reach all connected devices,  no matter which  standards they support.

Designed specifically for service providers - and deployed by major service providers across the globe -  the Velocix CDN allows service providers to sell CDN services to content owners. It supports an interface to multi-tenant different services within the CDN. Each content owner will manage their content services and assign specific roles and responsibilities within their organization.


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The challenge for operators   today, is not to address only the network challenges, but to address the service   challenge, which requires an insight beyond that of traditional routers and   transport. Everything that operators do today is driven by content, whether   that’s building a new website, increasing network bandwidth or investing in new   portal services, everything that consumers use IP networks for is focussed on   content. In this world, the challenge becomes focussed on building smarter   networks able to adapt and deliver the subscriber service experience, not just a   bandwidth experience.

Alcatel-Lucent’s Velocix   portfolio is focussed on addressing the service challenge that operators face,   by combining the Velocix product set together in combination with Alcatel-Lucent   infrastructure or partners solutions a unique set of solutions can be delivered   to solve Operator’s challenges. The Velocix product range is full flexible to   adapt to the content challenges of todays operators from providing a complete   multiscreen solution unified across all access networks, through to deploying a   unified caching system capable of delivering both on and off net content through   a unique unified architecture.


Velocix is a constantly   evolving portfolio of products and features, from supporting cloud services   and dynamic site acceleration through to Rule Based Content Transformation,   Velocix is leading the market in innovation for the content delivery   industry.


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Velocix is an advanced content delivery solution designed specifically for network service providers. With Velocix, network service providers can deploy an advanced digital media delivery platform that builds on their existing network investments and assets.   When installed, network service providers are fully equipped to minimize the cost of carrying over-the-top (OTT) content and to launch new revenue generating premium content services to their customers, while also achieving a highly differentiated delivery performance level.

The architecture of the Velocix 7810 Digital Media Delivery Platform is hierarchical and comprises three distinct tiers called Service, Storage and Delivery.

Service Tier – The Service Tier is comprised of Service Node and Session Management. Service Node provides all the operational and management functions including: Console, Request Routing, Reporting, Monitoring, Log Aggregation, Database and Network Gateway/VPN Access. Session Management provides session control to transform and personalize content at a user level.

Storage Tier – The Storage Tier serves as the master repository for all managed digital assets. The Storage Tier is comprised of three functions:   Publishing for ingestion of non-HTTP Adaptive Streaming content, Storage for replicated content of non-HTTP Adaptive Streaming content, and Enhanced Origin for ingestion and storage of HTTP Adaptive Streaming content.

Delivery Tier – The Delivery Tier receives requests from end users and delivers the requested digital asset.   If the content is not available within the tier it is acquired from either the Storage Tier or OTT source.  The Delivery Tier is comprised of three functions: Edge Delivery that caches and delivers man- aged content to users, Intermediary Delivery deployed hierarchically on one or more levels which delivers managed content to edge Delivery, and Transparent Cache that caches and delivers OTT content to users.

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As rich multimedia content is permeating all forms of communication, entertainment and information services, network operators are tasked to cater their networks and operations for digital content delivery. However, content delivery networking is a new topic for most network operators, while the pace of market developments are granting precious little time to master a steep operational learning  curve.

To address these challenges, Velocix compiled a comprehensive portfolio of professional services aimed to rapidly  enable the deployment and turnkey operation of the Velocix 7810 Digital Media Delivery Platform on your network footprint. Capitalizing on years of hands-on experience in building and operating a global content delivery network, the Velocix Digital Media Delivery services will bring your content delivery operations up to speed in a matter of weeks, while maximizing your time and investments through a range of specifically designed, operational services that are based on industry best practices.

The Velocix Digital Media Delivery services are designed to help service providers launch a new wave of premium content services with a short time to revenue.  The Velocix Digital Media Delivery services provide high impact technical and operational support to:

• Accelerate the deployment and time-to-revenue of the 7810 platform

• Maximize its operational benefits to the underlying network in delivering content 

• Minimize the learning curve for service providers that are new to content delivery and CDN operation

Velocix service modules are packaged into well-defined service modules and cover all lifecycle aspects of digital media delivery from design, engineering and network integration to network operations services that are specifically designed to support operators at different stages in their deployments.

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