Enhanced Origin Application
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The Velocix Enhanced Origin Application facilitates the creation of a resilient digital object repository to host both live and VOD HTTP Adaptive Streaming digital content within the Velocix CDN. Velocix Edge Delivery and Intermediate Delivery Applications can acquire content by reverse proxy acquisition from the Velocix Enhanced Origin Application for delivery.

The 7810 Velocix Enhanced Origin Application is a carrier-class, multi-tenanted, HTTP Adaptive Streaming Origin Application that forms part of the Velocix portfolio and is integrated into common Velocix CDN management and control frameworks. The Velocix Enhanced Origin Application has been designed from the ground-up, based on CDN and video experience, to produce a solid platform for ongoing development of Velocix product range. The Velocix Enhanced Origin Application allows delivery of content to IP end-user devices with a native or compatible Microsoft Silverlight or Apple HLS player, such as; personal computers, connected set-top boxes, games consoles, smart phones, tablets and connected TVs.


  • Integrated solution with Velocix CDN providing common management, operation, control and hardware platform elements
  • Embedded multi-tenancy, enabling advanced wholesale and hierarchical tenant models with granular access control
  • Automated content replication maintains content consistency between Enhanced Origin Applications
  • Multisource publication support provides redundancy against ingestion source failures
  • Support of leading live ingest protocols, including HTTP POST and WebDAV, enabling fast and efficient ingest
  • Support of leading file-based ingest protocols, including FTP and WebDAV, enabling fast and efficient ingest
  • Support of leading delivery formats, including Apple HTTP Live Streaming, and Microsoft Smooth Streaming, enabling streaming via CDN to the most popular players
  • Multi peta byte storage provides storage depth


Ingest Protocols

  • FTP

Delivery Formats

  • HTTP Live Streaming
  • HTTP Smooth Streaming
  • HTTP Download and Progressive Download