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The Velocix Publishing application is used to ingest non-HTTP Adaptive Streaming content into the Storage application. The Velocix Storage application in turn provides large repositories for non-HTTP Adaptive Streaming content. Non-HTTP Adaptive Streaming content must either be “pulled” by reverse proxy or “pushed” by publishing and storing it in the CDN before it can be delivered.

The Publishing application breaks up each asset into hundreds/thousands of individual pieces during the “publishing” process. The individual pieces are then distributed for storage at Storage applications around the CDN and can be individu- ally acquired from multiple independent sources. The Delivery Tier contacts the Storage application to acquire content when not available on the Delivery Tier or when cost minimization dictates it.

The recommended minimum configuration is at least two Publishing Appliances and three Storage Appliances spread across different geographic PoP locations interconnected via multi-gigabit links.


Features & Benefits

  • Support for a wide range of standard based and proprietary publishing tools and protocols facilitate the integration with existing content management systems
  • Automated replication across a minimum of three storage geographical locations provide resilience against power failures, hardware failures and network interruptions.
  • Advanced file integrity with the application of SHA-1 checksums to file pieces.
  • Multi-source distribution protocol support
  • On-net repository of all published master objects available for delivery
  • Reduced operational overhead and rebuild time in the event of a disk failure via automated rebuild between storage appliances
  • Near instant delivery availability. Content publication, replication and delivery can all happen simultaneously
  • Fine-grained control over geographic content distribution restrictions with the application of configurable geo-storage policies


Technical Specifications

Publishing Tools & Protocols

  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • FTPeS
  • RSYNC 2.6.x or later
  • Content Integrity checking via MD5 or SHA-1 checksums
  • Email notifications and alerting on publishing status

Publishing APIs



IPv6 Support

  • Support for IPv6 content management system