Service Node Applications
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Service Nodes provide all operational services, including the management interface, network performance and usage reporting capabilities, and log file and audit processing functions.

The Service Nodes also provide a Web-based console interface that enables the service provider, Network Operations Center (NOC) team or content provider to interact directly with the CDN. For example, the console offers the ability to control the CDN’s network routing, geo-configuration and authentication functions.

Service Nodes can expose fully programmable and controllable network capabilities. Application programming interfaces (APIs) are available for control, request routing and delivery, reporting, publishing, acquisition, management and monitoring. These APIs enable service providers and content providers to launch services quickly, create market differentiators and simplify integration with third-party components.

For redundancy and load balancing, the Velocix CDN typically maintains at least two Service Nodes located in geographically separated locations. Each Service Node holds a copy of the master database. Additional Service Nodes in different configurations may be used around the network


Features & Benefits

The Service Node application supports the following range of functions:


  • Deployment management & configuration GUI
  • Object management
  • User & account management
  • Distribution & serving scheme management
  • Policy management
  • Documentation repository
  • Multi-tenancy CDN account & report access
  • Delivery options (delivery method, access control, delivery speed, etc.) can be set by asset or for groups.

Request Routing

  • Intelligent routing and control over content distribution based on:
  • User location and proximity to serving locations using BGP
  • Operator network topology and associated transport costs using IGP or OSPF
  • Geographic location
  • Geo-service and geo-blocking schemes
  • Loading on caches and POP router
  • Protocol
  • Content Aware Cache Selection (CACS) to increase cache efficiency and hit-rates
  • BitTorrent tracker
  • VX-DNS - Object, serving scheme-based name resolution


  • Provides access to detailed delivery and real-time monitoring tools.
  • Audit trail and logging information can easily be exported for external processing.
  • Appliance & stream monitoring


Log Aggregation

  • Receives and aggregates access logs from delivery appliances.
  • Byte-accurate delivery registered for object & account


  • Range of standard off-the-shelf reports available (e.g., by time, geography, and object, etc.)
  • Optional reports engine supports customized reporting
  • Supports 3rd party reporting tools
  • Byte-accurate delivery registered for object & account


  • Object metadata repository
  • Object & delivery policy storage
  • CDN configuration
  • CDN distributed messaging exchange
  • Real-time object model
  • Authenticated token storage

NOC Gateway & VPN Access

  • Facilitates inbound access from Velocix support center for Tier 2 and 3 support