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The Velocix Session Manager facilitates session awareness and control user server side intelligence to improve overall HTTP behavior and efficiency for the scalable delivery of advanced services with real time adaptation of experience to individual consumer and device profiles.   HTTP Adaptive Streaming is a stateless delivery where intelligence is client side and based on interaction with a  manifest driven by content rules which cannot be cost effectively scaled to tailor to individual consumers or clients.    By tracking each session and knowing the application and interfacing with existing policy and data sources, delivery can be controlled on a per session basis, without significant cost nor compromising scale and delivery efficiency.    

Session Tracker creates unique session identifiers to centrally track session data persistence for continued awareness of the session and general analytics.   Policy and Data Interfaces with external policy and data sources such as PCRF/PCEF, Ad Decision Server, Subscriber Management System, and Key Management Server provide information for the Application Controller to define parameters for the personalization of content at an individual user level.   Edge Delivery Interfaces process requests from the CDN and return application-specific rules for manipulation and control of the content delivery on a per session per user level.   The Analytics Processor provides general and application specific analytics for management and optimization.

The 7810 Velocix Session Manager is a carrier-class, multi-tenanted, HTTP Adaptive Streaming application that forms part of the Velocix portfolio and is integrated into common Velocix CDN management and control frameworks.     The Velocix Session Manager has been designed from the ground-up, based on CDN and video experience, to produce a solid platform for ongoing development of Velocix product range. 

Features & Benefits

  • Integrated solution with Velocix CDN providing common management, operation, control and hardware platform elements

  • Embedded multi-tenancy, enabling advanced wholesale and hierarchical tenant models with granular access control

  • Industry standardised log files, MiBs, and APIs for real time user and network analytics

  • High performance and independently scalable architecture to meet current and future demands

  • Support of leading HTTP Adaptive streaming formats, including Apple HTTP Live Streaming, and Microsoft Smooth Streaming, and Adobe Dynamic Streaming, enabling streaming via CDN to the most popular players

Technical Specifications

  • XML, REST, and SOAP
  • SCTE-130 for Ad Insertion
  • SCTE-18 for Emergency Alert System
  • RADIUS and Diameter for PCRF, PCEF, Subscriber Management, etc.
  • IPv6 compliant