Transparent Caching Application
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The Velocix Transparent Cache application reduces transit and peering expenses while improving the user experience. Its operation is based on saving a copy of the content downloaded by a user and serving subsequent requests for that same content from the copy saved in the cache.

OTT video content such as that distributed by major user generated content sites, popular online video sites and new releases of popular software packages can all be cached and delivered by the 7810 Velocix Transparent Cache application. Caching is based on popularity and is independent of any commercial agreement between the network operator and the content owner.

The 7810 Velocix Transparent Cache has been designed based on CDN and video experience to produce a solid platform for ongoing development of Velocix product range. The Velocix Unified Cache solution leverages one infrastructure for both managed and OTT content. Its modularity allows the deployment of the transparent cache application independently of the CDN applications. This scenario does not require the deployment of the service and storage tiers.

Features & Benefits


  • Fully Transparent, Semi-Transparent and Explicit Proxy Operation for maximum deployment flexibility
  • Policy Based Routing supported in configurations with or without  a Load Balancer for maximum deployment flexibility
  • Flexible scalability through clustering of individual caches

Efficiency Optimization

  • Caching of traditional HTTP delivery and the various flavors of HTTP Adaptive Streaming to support web site acceleration, content download, progressive download and adaptive streaming
  • Flexible Policy Definition. A powerful ‘rules based’ policy framework improves cache efficiency and optimization
  • Video Seek Request Support allows users to skip to a later position in the video without having to wait for the download  to reach that position as when directly downloading from the origin server
  • Inter-Cache Communication maximizes cache hit ratios and optimizes storage capacity usage avoiding multiple copies of the same content in a node
  • API for current work load reporting to intelligent load balancers increases total cluster throughput
  • Transparent caching provides the capability to further reduce transport costs for managed CDN content in unified caching configurations

Management & Operation

  • Business Reporting provides intelligence into Internet usage:  most popular sites, geographic origin of traffic, traffic patterns on a per user type basis
  • Management of an entire cache cluster as a single entity reduces operation overhead

Value Added Services

  • Dynamic Personalized Content Filtering and Parental Controls to identify and block malware, phishing and undesired sites based on category
  • A cloud policy update service maximizes cache efficiency crafting the caching policies to best serve the evolving most demanded content


  • Protection from cache poisoning prevents end users from being redirected to undesired websites
  • Traffic Surge Protection protects against unexpected demand surges that could result in a degraded QoS for all users

Media file formats and protocols

  • HTTP Adaptive streaming (including Apple Live, Microsoft Smooth, and Adobe Dynamic Streaming)
  • HTTP Progressive download
  • HTTP file download
  • HTTP Web site object acceleration
  • HTTP seek

IPv6 Support

  • IPv6 user and website

Load balancer support

  • Layer 4 load balancer
  • Layer 7 load balancer