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Video consumption is evolving from the traditional broadcast model where the service provider defines the schedule to an on-demand watching experience where the user decides what to watch and when to watch it. The Velocix Enhanced Video Experience - Recording function provides the foundation to offer popular video consumption models such as Pause Live TV, Re-Start TV, Rewind TV or Catch-up TV as well as a network based personal video recorder (N-PVR).

  • Pause Live TV allows the users to pause the channel they are currently watching and resume its playing a few minutes later from the point where it was paused. After resuming, users can fast forward to the point where it catches-up with the broadcast
  • Re-Start TV is the solution to missing the initial part of a program. Users that tune in to a program a few minutes late can watch the program from its beginning using re-start TV
  • Rewind TV enables the replay of the scene just broadcast on the channel being watched: the latest score during sport broadcast, that important piece missed during a distraction.
  • Catch-up TV makes content broadcast in the past available for on-demand consumption. In addition to schedule flexibility, catch-up TV enables the traditional on-demand control over the playing of the content with pause, fast forward and rewind options.
  • N-PVR provides a network based personal video recorder. Users can schedule their favorite programs to be recorded for later watching

Features & Benefits

  • Recording to a circular buffer of short lived content enables Pause Live TV, Re-Start TV and Rewind TV services
  • Recording to permanent storage enables services where the user can access the content long after it is recorded such as Catch-up TV
  • Foundation for a Network based Personal Video Recorder that simplifies the customer premises equipment increasing its reliability and reducing its cost.
  • A shared copy of the recorded content accessible by large number of users significantly reduces storage costs