Reporting & Analytics
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Reporting & Analytics

Both the CDN operator and content owners delivering their content over a CDN require business intelligence to evaluate the performance of the CDN and to optimize business decision-making. The Velocix CDN integrates a set of reporting and analytics capabilities and provides the interfaces required to exchange raw data with third party reporting and analytics tools. Velocix appliances continually record information on incoming and outgoing traffic on per user, per object and time basis. These logs are the basis for the reports generated by the Velocix reporting functions and for the information exchanged with third party tools.

Logs are created  on events related to all objects in the CDN, independently of their format or  stream protocol. This comprehensive scope includes reporting for HTTP Adaptive  Streaming where an object may span several files, all of them in an origin  sever that may not be under the control of the CDN operator. The Velocix CDN  allows the service provider to define the set of files that comprise an object  through the specification of their paths in the origin server. The logging  system logs access to them as a single entity.  

Being a  multi-tenant solution that supports multiple different customers, Velocix  reports provide only data that is specific to each account. The reports can be  classified into three categories: usage reports, quota management reports and  network appliance reports.

Usage reports focus  on the content delivered. The metrics can be aggregated across all delivery  nodes in the CDN or broken down: by object, by customer, by delivery appliance  or by geographic location going down to the granularity of the metropolitan  area.

Quota management  reports allow content owners and service providers to know how much of their  budgeted CDN resources they are using.  Network Appliance  Reports are hardware usage reports that show the benefit provided by the CDN. 


For integration  with third party reporting and analytics tools the Velocix CDN provides two  APIs:

  • An ATOM based interface through which third  party tools poll and receive responses on new log files available. These log  files comprise details on events related to delivery, acquisition (either  through pre-publishing or through reverse proxy) and request routing.
  • A real time event  notification API based on XML over HTTP through which delivery appliances and  shield caches notify of events as they occur.