Unified Caching
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Unified Caching

Deliver multi-source content with a single CDN

Today’s media content comes from many different sources. Armed with powerful connected devices and ubiquitous broadband network access, consumers can watch video from more sources and in more places than ever before. Consumers expect superior quality every time, whether they’re watching a movie from your VoD catalog, a TV show from a broadcaster or a video from an Internet provider.

To meet consumer expectations, you need to deliver the same high quality of experience (QoE) for all content, no matter where it comes from. If you take a different approach for each source of content, you risk creating duplicate infrastructures, operational inefficiencies and inconsistent QoE.


One stone, three birds

With Alcatel-Lucent’s Unified Caching solution, you can deploy a single content delivery network (CDN) that brings together all types of content from all sources  (on-net and off-net) with improved QoE. This consolidated approach lets you use one CDN to support three key business  models:

  • Retail model: Become a full-bore content retailer  that deals directly with content providers to secure distribution rights.
  • Wholesale model: Establish a premium content  delivery service that enables content providers to publish content directly to  your network.
  • Transparent caching: Intercept and cache over-the-top  (OTT) traffic to reduce transit and transport costs.


Toward a smarter CDN strategy

Unified caching helps you take steps toward a full CDN deployment. You can start by using transparent caching to reduce your transit costs. Next, you can monitor subscriber usage and identify the content subscribers value most. Then, using this information, you can select content providers that will help you offer  subscribers the best possible experience.

By  following these steps, you can smoothly transform your CDN into a unified delivery infrastructure that supports new business models and increases revenues.

Unleash the  power of advanced content delivery. Maximize your content control by offering a superior QoE from every content  source. Build a smarter CDN strategy with Unified Caching, available only from Alcatel-Lucent.

A Velocix Unified Caching whitepaper is available to download here