Managed Services
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Managed Services

Operating a CDN network requires specific skills and management tools that some Service Providers may not have. The skill set and management tools required to manage a CDN are very different to those found traditionally used to operate an IP network, i.e. there are aspects like geoconfiguration, content on-boarding, set-up and optimization of content routing, diagnosing the behavior of delivery services to ensure that they are operationaland network-wide distribution that mustbe carefully managed to provide a consistent and reliableservice quality. Effective, end-to-end digital media deliveryoperations require real-time monitoring of all componentsinvolved in delivering the service so that end users get aQuality of Experience (QoE) that meets their expectations..Velocix outsourced operations provides full CDN functionality operational support of a full and mature CDN deployment but without the risk, cost and time of doing it from scratch.

This outsourced operations approach draws heavily on Velocix prior experience of operating a global CDN and is ideal for newcomers to the CDN business and/or for smaller deployments with a capacity of perhaps a few tens of Gbps.

The Velocix outsourced operations option includes

  • 24x7 management and operation of all deployed Velocix products
  • Initial set-up and ongoing maintenance of geo-configuration settings
  • Delivery services and publishing services management
  • CDN integration support into the service providers network and NOC
  • Remote technical support and content partner integration

As part of the outsourced operations, Service Providers also have access to the Velocix consulting team which provides technical and marketing support to Service Providers to help setup the CDN business, establish relationships with content providers and provide any needed technical expertise to achieve integration.


The hosting service is a value-added operate service component, which allows Service Providers to deploy a Velocix CDN with lower upfront CAPEX -when a CDN is in its initial deployment stages the service node appliances may represent a relatively high upfront investment compared to the rest of appliances in operation-and OPEX investment by outsourcing service management to the Velocix NOC (Network Operations Center).

In addition to that, other clear benefits of this option are;reduced deployment time (as there is no need to deploy service nodes), reduced risk transfer, optimized performance andquicker generation of revenue from offering sooner new services.