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Professional Services

Today's multimedia and video era places different demands on network deployments. Capitalizing on years of hands-on experience in buildingand operating a global content delivery network, Velocix Digital MediaDelivery services will bring Service Providers' content delivery operations up to speed ina matter of weeks, while maximizing time and investments througha range of specifically designed, operational services that are based onindustry best practices.


Digital Media Services

Creating a CDN able to feed a variety of connected devices from scratch is an extremely complex task that requires considerable expertise and time. The design of an optimal caching networkrelies on the availability of flexible storage and cache delivery sizes to map closely to the best network topology combined with understanding key aspects such as quality of service, diversity of delivery formats, the growing number of connected devices and the multiple sources of content catalogues.

Velocix  offers to the following  range of services:

  • Build: Includes design, capacity planning,  engineering,installation, integration, ptimization, test and turn-up and  deliversevery aspect of a new 7810 Velocix digital media deploymentor network  expansion – from network design, site survey andacquisition, to installation  and integration.
  • Operate: Provides  world-class operations infrastructureand managed network services,  guaranteeingpredictable service availability from day one, whatever thesize of  the deployment. Velocix networkoperation center (NOC) monitor the health of  your digitalmedia delivery platform based on key indicators, such  asperformance, session, fault, topology, and customer data.  (see Outsourced Operations for more detail)
  • Maintain:  Service provides the product tools and expertiseto support CDN assets as well  as the single-point accountabilityfor the complete Velocix solution. The  service also gives accessto expert guidance across Velocix hardware and  software partnerecosystem, to help minimize business disruptions and keep  yourdigital media delivery platform secure.
  • Transfer:  (Operations Logistics and Integration,Network Operation Support and Technical  Training) buildsO&M competencies to equip operations teams with  theexpertise to operate and manage a Velocix digital mediadelivery network.

Depending on individual Service Providers needs, those digital media services can be packaged and tailored, typically such as:

  • Build, Operate and Maintain
  • Build, Operate, Maintain and Transfer
  • Build, Operate and Transfer
  • Build and Transfer