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Tap your network potential with an on-net CDN

Consumers are hungry for more media content on every device. But growing consumption is raising pressure on fixed and wireless networks. To ensure network performance and maintain an effective network cost base, service providers need an efficient way to handle large and constant video streams.

Content delivery networks (CDNs) solve these issues by limiting the distance service providers have to carry content to reach consumers. CDNs offer scalable, cost-effective delivery. They free up backbone, peering and transit links and make it easy to add capacity to meet demand. They bring new monetization opportunities. And they bring content closer to consumers, providing better quality, less congestion and fewer disruptions.

CDNs play a fundamental role in distributing content over the Internet by placing content in key locations around the world. As demand for video grows, the focus is shifting to CDN infrastructure that can be deployed deep in service provider networks and with increased subscriber awareness to support high-volume video traffic and deliver more personalized, more dynamic and more equitable video service experience.

It's time for service providers to take a fresh look at content delivery.

Use your network advantage

As a service provider, you have the advantage: You own the connection to consumers. By creating your own CDN, you can minimize the distance that content travels over the network and deliver it more quickly and reliably, driving more value out of your investments in IP infrastructure.

The Alcatel-Lucent Velocix CDN is designed for service providers and used successfully by many around the world. This on-net solution leverages network intelligence and subscriber data to help you turn your network into a high-performance digital media delivery platform. With the Velocix CDN you can:

  • Satisfy consumers and content providers by delivering a superior QoE
  • Reduce your transit, storage and transport costs by delivering multi-source content from within your own network
  • Increase your revenue and partnership potential by securely delivering personalized TV and video service to any connected device
  • Expand your reach by supporting more streaming and delivery mechanisms


Take full control of content delivery

With your own CDN in place, you can expand and diversify your content offer within a unified infrastructure. For example, you can use your CDN to deliver licensed content as part of a multiscreen HDTV service. Or, you can evolve an existing pay TV service to address connected devices.

By offering greater reach and assured quality of service, you become an attractive partner that helps content providers publish content and offer it through branded portals. And by supporting caching and delivery of over-the-top content, you gain more control over the growing cost of supporting online video.

Turn your network into an advanced content delivery platform. Unlock content-focused business models that boost revenue, cut costs and enhance QoE. Take full control of content delivery with the Velocix CDN, only from Alcatel-Lucent.