Mobile Optimized CDN
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Tackle data traffic growth with a solution built for mobile video

The world is going mobile. And it’s bringing video along for the ride.Mobile data is changing the way we work, play and interact. Video is at the heart of this transformation. Everywhere you look, people are watching video on PCs,  smartphones and tablets. They’re watching on the train, in the waiting room and on the street. People want video to follow them wherever they go.

It’s no surprise that mobile data traffic is doubling every year. Web browsing, device firmware  updates and mobile gaming create data traffic. But video plays the leading role in driving data traffic growth. This role keeps getting bigger, and so does the challenge facing service providers.


mobile optimized cdn


Alcatel-Lucent  can help you thrive on the growing demand for mobile video. With our Velocix  Mobile Optimized Content Delivery Network (CDN), you can enhance the mobile  video experience while making better use of your network. The Mobile Optimized  CDN enables you to:

  • Reach  more devices by repackaging and delivering content in formats suitable for  every screen
  • Reduce  transport costs by caching and repackaging content in key locations in your backbone network
  • Optimize  your radio access network by adapting the speed of content delivery for  individual users through smarter congestion management and more effective use  of exposed API interfaces

Bring  advanced content delivery and superior quality to every mobile screen. Boost  video performance and cost savings across your mobile network. Take video  wherever people want to go with the Mobile Optimized CDN, available only from  Alcatel-Lucent.