Multiscreen HDTV
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Deliver a rich personalized HD experience to every screen

Online video and pay TV are converging as consumers seek richer multimedia services. Connected devices like tablets, smartphones and smart TVs are fueling this trend by bringing high-definition TV to more people and places than ever before.

Service providers want to capitalize by blending pay TV and online video services and extending them across multiple devices. With next-generation multiscreen TV and video offerings, service providers can become stronger, more competitive players in the video value chain.

But service providers have to address some major challenges to launch successful multiscreen services. One of the biggest challenges is to find cost-effective ways to prepare and deliver very large HD video streams so that they reach every device securely and with the right format.


multiscreen hdtv


Reach more subscribers, devices and locations

Alcatel-Lucent’s Velocix CDN unifies video distribution for linear and on-demand HDTV services across all target devices. Its integrated recording function allows you to offer a broad range of time-shifted TV services such as pause live TV, start-over TV (or re-start TV), catch-up TV and network-based personal video recorder. This proven solution lets you offer true multiscreen services that seamlessly deliver the same premium HD content, rich features and quality of experience (QoE) to every connected screen.

The Velocix CDN efficiently caches and delivers HD video files or segments to consumers, helping you stand out and succeed at the lowest possible cost. Velocix Enhanced Video Experience leverages network intelligence and subscriber data and gives you the foundations to build the next generation of video delivery infrastructure. With the Velocix CDN, you can:

  • Provide the best possible QoE to end users by minimizing the distance that content travels over your network and by dynamically control the choice of video quality (i.e. adapting streaming bitrates) according to real-time network conditions, the type of content being watched, the device used and the subscriber’s profile
  • Personalize content at a user level by inserting content into the video stream at anytime during its playout, including targeted advertising or Emergency Alert System notifications.
  • Provide faster channel start and faster channel change on every screen by modifying the initial streamlets requested
  • Extend seamless streaming and downloading to every screen by supporting the industry’s leading video formats
  • Protect premium content with a sophisticated per-session encryption mechanism
  • Optimize bandwidth usage by repackaging content “on the fly” close to subscribers

Unleash the power of advanced content delivery. Boost loyalty and revenue by bringing HDTV services to every screen. Reach more subscribers, devices and locations with Multiscreen HDTV, available only from Alcatel-Lucent.