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Extend your TV and video services to more devices, subscribers and locations

Pay TV service providers have built their success on delivering high-quality viewing experiences to consumers in the home. But today’s connected consumers want a new version of pay TV, one that is more interactive and flexible, and that brings the TV experience to every screen.

Around the world, pay TV service providers are deploying TV Everywhere solutions to address consumer demand for a more seamless, personal and social experience. As  they extend the TV experience to connected devices, pay TV service providers want to meet consumer and content provider expectations by continuing to deliver the best possible content, quality and security.

paytv evolution


Leverage your existing assets

Alcatel-Lucent’s Velocix CDN provides unified video distribution across  every target device. This solution lets you repackage TV and video assets on  demand and deliver them to a host of popular devices, including tablets, PCs,  smartphones and game consoles. With its integrated recording function, you can extend time-shifted TV services such as pause live TV, start-over TV (or re-start TV), catch-up TV and network-based personal video recorder to all these devices.

The Velocix CDN improves delivery performance by caching, repackaging and streaming  large video files or segments at the edge of your network. It helps scale  network infrastructure and reduce the growing cost of delivering live and  on-demand TV and video content to consumers on every screen. That’s why major pay TV  service providers are adopting the Velocix CDN.

With Velocix Enhanced Video Experience (EVE), you can deliver the quality expected for prime time audiences to every screen, driving more value out of their investments in IP infrastructure. Velocix EVE combines the best of IP streaming innovation with increased subscriber awareness to radically improve the pay TV delivery infrastructure and bring consistent, personalized video services to all devices.

With the Velocix CDN, you can:

  • Provide the best possible QoE to end users by minimizing the distance that content travels over your network and by dynamically adapting the speeds of video delivery for end users by reacting to network conditions, content types, consumer and device profiles
  • Insert unique, local, regional or universal content into a stream at anytime during its playout, including targeted advertising or Emergency Alert System notifications
  • Provide faster channel start and faster channel change on every connected device
  • Extend seamless streaming and downloading to connected devices by supporting the industry’s leading video formats
  • Protect  premium content from piracy and unauthorized use with a sophisticated  per-session encryption mechanism
  • Optimize  bandwidth usage by originating content close to subscribers

Mediaroom Evolution

The Velocix CDN solution fully supports the evolution of Mediaroom 2.0 system to use Velocix infrastructure as the scaled delivery network for Smooth Streaming Mediaroom content. This allows operators to build a unified delivery network with the CDN delivering all services include Mediaroom IPTV through a single infrastructure.


Cable VOD Evolution

MSOs can now use the advanced content storage and distribution capabilities of their IP content delivery network to feed connected devices, while extending the capabilities of their TV VOD streaming servers — creating a next-generation, TV-everywhere experience for end users. This is achieved using completely standardized mechanisms between the new IP infrastructure and the traditional TV VOD system. Alcatel-Lucent and Concurrent have completed the first commercial cross-vendor implementation of these techniques in North America with a Tier 1 cable MSO.

Further information can be seen in our whitepaper here

Unleash the power of advanced content delivery. Captivate subscribers with a high-quality personalized multiscreen experience. Extend your TV and video services to more devices, subscribers and locations with Pay TV Evolution, available only from Alcatel-Lucent.