Velocix Enhanced Video Experience
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Accelerate the adoption and monetization of personalized, streaming video services

Velocix created the Enhanced Video Experience (EVE).

Velocix EVE was born to be the foundation of next generation IP video streaming. It adds session-awareness to multiscreen video delivered over IP-based CDNs, allowing you to deliver more personalized, more dynamic and more equitable video service experience to every connected device. With Velocix EVE you can leverage network intelligence and subscriber data to differentiate your video services and drive more value out of your investments in IP infrastructure. Velocix EVE enables you to simplify networks and remove costs as IP video streaming scales to the mass market.

What new capabilities does Velocix EVE enable

Velocix EVE leverages network intelligence and subscriber data to bring new capabilities to the IP delivery infrastructure, including:

  • Insert unique, local, regional or universal content into a stream at anytime during its playout, including targeted Ad or Emergency Alert System notifications
  • Dynamically control the choice of video quality (i.e. bit rate) delivered to the end user based on real-time network conditions, device used, billing preferences and usage thresholds
  • Efficiently repackage content “on the fly” at the edge of the network based on the device used for watching content
  • Provide faster channel start and faster channel change by modifying the initial streamlets requested

Why Velocix EVE is unique

Velocix EVE is the first solution to embed session-aware video processing functions into the delivery infrastructure. This brings two key innovations to content delivery:   

  • Velocix EVE establishes a separate control plane to bring session awareness  to HTTP Adaptive Streaming, allowing for personalization of content and experience management at a user level.
  • Velocix EVE introduces Rule Based Transformation  allowing for dynamic repackaging and manipulation of content at the edge.

Where can Velocix EVE help

Velocix EVE is the framework that helps you build new outstanding services. It radically improves video delivery infrastructure in a number of areas:

  • Velocix EVE optimizes video architectures, enabling efficient and scalable delivery of video streams to the mass market
  • EVE allows the delivery of more personalized TV experience to every screen, whether it is for new Multiscreen HDTV deployment or for evolution of an existing Pay TV service
  • EVE enables to optimize mobile architectures and any access environment with scarce bandwidth resources. EVE provides a more equitable service experience by controlling the delivery speed of video streams.

What makes Velocix EVE real

Velocix EVE comprises the following new and enhanced products:

  • The Velocix Session Manager improves the overall efficiency and performance of HTTP and adaptive HTTP delivery and enables real-time experience adaptation based on factors such as network conditions, content types, consumer and device profiles. More …
  • The Velocix Origin records, stores, publishes and originates copies of media objects. It supports leading industry protocols for publishing live media, common container formats (MPEG-2 TS, ISOFF) and multiple leading delivery formats (HTTP, HLS, Smooth Streaming, HDS). It hosts agents for multicast content pre-positioning, and creation of video repackaging rules to support advanced content transformation and personalization by edge delivery. More …

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