Video Optimized Architectures
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Video is everywhere, and the world is watching

Rapid video traffic growth is raising pressure on service provider networks. Service providers need platforms that can securely and cost-effectively scale video delivery to the mass market across a broad range of screens.

Content delivery networks (CDNs) help improve network performance while maintaining an effective infrastructure cost base. Traditional CDNs provide scalable delivery for websites or file downloads. But they aren’t optimized to handle large and constant video streams.


 Video Optimised Architecture


Don't just watch. Take action!

The Alcatel-Lucent Velocix CDN is optimized for video. With it, you can support all industry-leading video formats. You can repackage these formats on demand for any connected device, no matter what standards it supports.

Reverse proxy distribution helps you add flexibility and gain better control over services by pulling content directly from origin servers managed by content providers. These origin servers are protected from overloads by centralized shield caches.

Used by service providers worldwide, the Velocix CDN helps reduce transport costs by automatically caching popular content closer to consumers. It lowers storage costs by keeping less popular content in centralized storage deep in the network.

Velocix Enhanced Video Experience (EVE) embeds session-aware video processing functions into the delivery infrastructure to simplify your network and remove costs as IP video streaming scales to the mass market. It enables the efficient and scalable delivery of personalized video streams that accommodate factors such as network conditions, the type of content being watched, the end device being used for viewing and the subscriber’s profile. With Velocix EVE, you take back control of delivery speed and ensure best possible video services to your subscribers.

Customized content such as targeted advertising or emergency alerts can be inserted into the video streams at the edge of the network, enabling further reduction of traffic levels. The ability to manipulate the video streams at a user level enables quicker video start while maintaining an uninterrupted viewing experience.

The solution further improves network capacity utilization for video by offering a broad range of advanced capabilities:

  • Multi-source content delivery and hierarchical caching combine to provide maximum content delivery scale from existing transport resources
  • IP multicasting for HTTP adaptive streaming eases distribution of popular linear TV channels Rule based transformation propagates one single format in cases where several HTTP adaptive streaming variants are required to reach multiple devices
  • Rule based transformation propagates one single format in cases where several HTTP adaptive streaming variants are required to reach multiple devices

The Velocix CDN ensures security using a sophisticated content protection mechanism based on per-session encryption. This mechanism fully protects linear and on-demand TV from piracy and unauthorized use.  

 Unleash the power of advanced content delivery. Improve network performance, control infrastructure costs and deliver on QoE for video services. Scale personalized IP video streaming to the mass market with Video Optimization Architectures, available only from Alcatel-Lucent.