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Carrier-grade performance

CDN Broker builds on Velocix’s legacy of carrier-grade video applications which scale for the very largest video service providers and deliver ultra-resilient operations.

Cloud-native SaaS platform
Allows switching between CDNs to select the optimum mix of attributes

Cloud native SaaS
Segment-level routing
Hybrid analytics

Key elements of CDN Broker’s design which contribute to more effective multi-CDN performance include:

Segment-level routing

The segment level routing enables CDN Broker to maintain control of the video stream and redirect it at any time during the active session, and this delivers better cost savings and quality in comparison to single CDN architectures.

Hybrid analytics

Hybrid analytics enable faster and more accurate decisions. The application interfaces with both client and server-side probes to provide the most precise view of CDN performance and health.

Potential AI/ML integration

Potential integration of an AI/ML rules engine can provide even more granular control. CDN Broker’s rules can be applied based on service, content attributes, device, location, or time, as well as AI/ML derived predictive data.


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