Unlock higher ad revenues

Boost returns by 50% or more with server-side ad insertion

Rev up your ad business by inserting highly targeted ads into linear, on-demand, and time-shifted video streams. Velocix Personalisation Platform (VPP) harnesses addressable and contextual data, such as viewing device, location, and time, to more accurately match consumers with relevant ad content, reducing wasted ad inventory and lifting CPMs. Connect with multiple ad-serving platforms simultaneously to improve fill rates and unleash more value from every video stream you deliver. 

“Operators are rapidly moving to advanced TV advertising and targeting, and this is enabled by addressable advertising solutions”


Matthew Bailey
Senior Analyst, Advertising and Games

Server-side ad insertion (SSAI)

Monetise every stream to maximise revenues by placing pre, mid, and post-roll targeted ads into linear, VOD, and time-shifted video streams. 
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Pre-integrated ad platforms

Use open interfaces to connect multiple direct and programmatic ad platforms, including solutions from Google, RTL, Adobe, Cadent, and more.
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Manifest manipulation

Launch dynamic ad insertion, alternate content insertion, content blackout, and bandwidth controls from one unified platform that does it all.
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Cloud-native and carrier-grade

Rapidly launch VPP and scale-out services with our fully-managed SaaS platform, which offers capacity on-demand and full geo-redundancy.
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Insert ads that hit the target

Unlock the full value of your TV ad inventory by personalising each video stream with highly targeted video ads. VPP automates ad sales workflows and improves targeting accuracy to better monetise linear, on-demand, and time-shifted video streams. With our server-side ad insertion (SSAI) software, you can boost returns by bypassing profit killing ad blockers which have been shown to cut video ad revenues by nearly 40%, while avoiding the hiccups, black screens, and "spinning wheels" common to client-side ad insertion.  Benefit from our proven CDN knowledge and integration experience to reliably deliver high-quality ads at carrier scale with minimal latency. 


Support for linear, on-demand, and time-shifted video workflows
VAST compliant
Pre-integrated with the market's leading ad platforms
Auto-detection of SCTE-35 ad triggers
Precision targeting driven by addressable and contextual data
Error-free ultra-low latency ad stitching
Independent ad tracking and reporting

Connect with multiple ad platforms

Increase ad fill rates and maximise your CPMs by exposing your ad inventory to a greater number of potential buyers. Link to multiple ad platforms and exchanges to support direct and programmatic workflows using VPP's VAST-compliant interfaces. Get up and running quickly using pre-integrated ad platforms like Google, RTL, Adobe, Cadent, Viamedia, Beachfront, and more. With its open, independent, and extensible design, VPP has the features and flexibility required to catapult your ad business ahead of the competition.  

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Personalise the viewing experience

Use VPP's powerful manifest manipulation capabilities to deliver a unique and personalised viewing experience to each consumer. Dynamically modify individual video streams in real-time to cater to consumer preferences, implement conditional business policies, or comply with complex content licensing agreements. Insert alternative content, black-out streams, or apply bandwidth controls to enhance service quality and satisfy a multitude of critical business needs.

Deploy VPP fast with SaaS

Launch in weeks instead of months with Velocix's cloud-hosted SSAI and stream personalisation software. With pay-as-you-go pricing, on-demand capacity scaling, and cost-saving on-premises expansion options, VPP is an ideal solution for rapidly growing video businesses. VPP's transparent system design integrates seamlessly into your existing CDN and workflow to actively safeguard ad revenues, protect stream integrity, and satisfy contractual agreements. Ad tracking and analytics features provide insight into the performance of the combined solution, helping to inform business decisions, verify ad placement, and produce an audit trail that supports healthy relationships with relevant stakeholders. Rely on Velocix to get you up and running fast and forge a stable foundation on which to grow your advertising and stream personalisation business.

Webinar: Pivoting to addressable advertising to uplift revenues  

Learn how Server-Side Ad Insertion, ad routing, and decisioning technologies enable video service providers to capitalise on Connected TV advertising by extracting more value from every video stream.

Addressable ads for connected TV webinar with PC

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