High-efficiency live streaming

Switch between unicast and multicast to support scale-out

Unlike traditional unicast delivery, which demands greater network capacity as viewership grows, Velocix's MABR software employs a single shared video stream to support millions of simultaneous viewing sessions. Conserve valuable network bandwidth and save money with the only standards-based MABR solution built to carrier-grade specifications.

Multicast-unicast switching

Multicast live content simultaneously to millions of consumers to save network bandwidth, then switch to unicast to support targeted ads. 
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Flexible MABR proxy client

Run a low-memory footprint MABR proxy client on a multitude of home gateways, OTN's, set-top boxes, and other connected devices.
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Standards-based implementation

Deliver MABR streams using industry-standard protocols like FLUTE, which adhere to DVB, CableLabs, and 3GPP specifications.
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Ultra-low latency live streaming

Slash stream latency for live events to 2 seconds or less to elevate the fan experience and deliver content in sync with social media alerts.
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Multicast-unicast switching

Shift between IP multicast and unicast delivery to optimise infrastructure costs while preserving ad revenues. Use multicast to achieve peak network efficiency during major live events, then switch to unicast to personalise streams with addressable ads. Velocix's multicast-unicast switching technology uses configurable policies to adjust streaming protocols in real-time based on network conditions, viewership, channel, or content-type to satisfy your specific business needs. 

What's the difference?
Unicast Multicast
One stream per viewer One stream per channel
Ideal for personalised content Ideal for shared viewing experiences
Optimised for VOD, time-shifted TV, targeted ads Optimised for live video

Client integration made easy

Use Velocix's lightweight proxy client to quickly integrate MABR into your network. Client software can be installed in a variety of locations, either in the home or at the edge of the content delivery network, to maximise streaming efficiency. Deploy within home gateways, OTNs, set-top boxes, or a variety of connected devices to shrink live streaming costs and enlarge profit margins. Ensure consistent stream quality with forward error correction and file repair, as well as client-side reporting and monitoring capabilities.

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Launch faster with standards-based MABR

Steer clear of proprietary MABR technologies that are prone to vendor lock-in and misaligned with industry trends. Keep in step with the latest DVB, CableLabs, and 3GPP standards to de-risk your deployment, speed up your launch timetable, and ensure your long-term business needs are satisfied. Velocix's MABR implementation conforms with industry specifications and reliable multicast standards like FLUTE (RFC 6726), so you can be confident it will integrate into your network now and provide value well into the future.

Lower latency for live events

When latency matters, don't settle for standard HTTP adaptive bit rate (ABR) technology which can introduce stream delays as high as 30 seconds. Velocix's ultra-low latency MABR technology can lower stream latency to broadcast TV levels or better. Deliver Iive sports content using the latest LL-DASH or LL-HLS standards to make sure fans see the game winning score before social media alerts spoil the surprise. Power a fan pleasing live viewing experience on every connected screen and keep your most valued customers coming back for more.   

Webinar: Preparing CDNs for a resurgence of live sports

Learn how to deliver the best streaming experience for premium live sports events using MABR, hybrid-cloud CDN, and ultra-low latency technologies, as well as event-based monitoring services.

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