Open the video edge

Tap into the OTT streaming value chain

Monetise your last-mile network by carrying over-the-top (OTT) stream traffic "through-the-middle" of your own CDN. Establish commercial agreements with global content providers interested in scaling out their own internet-based streaming services. Generate value by delivering superior quality streams, reducing session start-up times, and virtually eliminating rebuffering. Capitalise on your existing network investments and start benefitting from the skyrocketing demand for online streaming services. 

"We need some way to scale our business - we're committed to the open cache initiative."

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Standards compliant

Cache internet-based content using software that adheres to open caching standards published by the Streaming Video Alliance. 
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Hybrid design

Apply open caching software to your existing Velocix CDN to save money and create a unified delivery platform for on-net and off-net content.
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Carrier-grade edge cloud

Get the confidence that comes with deploying the industry's only carrier-grade open caching platform, built on hybrid-cloud CDN technology.
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Flexible licences & revenue sharing

Licence software from Velocix and set your own payment terms with content providers or enlist us to broker a rev-share deal that benefits all parties.
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The business of open caching

Open caching specifications provide fixed and mobile internet service providers (ISPs) with a way to participate in the value chain associated with over-the-top (OTT) video stream delivery.


Today's online streaming providers spend billions of dollars with global content delivery networks (CDNs) to distribute their content to consumers around the world. But as consumer demand for content rises, streaming providers face ballooning content delivery expenses. Many are interested in finding more cost-effective ways to distribute content, as well as ways to improve stream quality, by establishing relationships directly with ISPs.

Open caching specifications form the basis for establishing business deals between ISPs and online streaming companies. The standards define how to interconnect different content delivery technologies so content can be streamed more efficiently across networks. Since ISPs own the most critical link in the network chain, the last-mile network that connects consumers to the internet, they are well-positioned to cut out the middleman and capture some of the revenue content providers currently spend with global CDN services.

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Standards-based open caching

Enable your network to communicate with other content delivery systems using open caching standards published by the Streaming Video Technology Alliance.  Open caching specifications define an open framework enabling internet-based content to be cached at the edge of ISP networks.  Velocix's implementation of open caching specifications supports:

Interoperability between CDNs and content providers
Improvement of the overall streaming experience
Higher stream bit rates and video resolution
Less rebuffering and faster session start-up times
Reduced traffic peering and network costs
Visibility and exchange of viewer consumption data
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Open your Velocix CDN to OTT content

Boost the return on investment for your Velocix CDN by opening your private caches to OTT content sources. Support for open caching can be added to your existing CDN with a software licence upgrade, infusing new functionality that unlocks a fresh source of revenue. Exercise untapped CDN capacity within your current network to improve streaming performance for your high-speed data customers and establish your position in the OTT streaming value chain.

Carrier-grade edge cloud

Deliver genuine value to content providers by deploying the most reliable CDN platform in the market. Velocix's hybrid-cloud open caching technology includes field-proven features designed to minimise downtime and prevent streaming interruptions. Leverage patented HiFi™ algorithms to improve caching efficiency and reduce upstream traffic demands. With comprehensive administration tools and operator analytics, Velocix's open caching software provides ISPs with the advanced features needed to run large-scale fast-growing businesses.   

Flexible licensing and rev-share models

Select an optional licensing model to set-up your open caching business:

Option 1: Licensed software

Connect directly with content providers to define your own payment terms for open caching services. Velocix will provide the software needed to satisfy your contractual obligations. Software is licensed on a pay-as-you-go basis, reducing the start-up expenses required to get your business launched.  

Option 1: Revenue sharing

Establish an agreement with Velocix and leverage our relationships with content providers. Velocix can structure an attractive revenue-sharing agreement that will cover software licensing fees, hardware, and associated expenses while generating a steady return on investment that will grow as stream demand rises. 

Flexible models

Webinar:  The Business of Open Caching

As market adoption of Open Caching specifications published by the Streaming Video Technology Alliance (SVTA) continues to grow, this virtual panel discussion provides expert perspectives on the business of Open Caching from Eric Klein of Disney Streaming, Jason Thibeault of the Streaming Video Alliance, plus Jim Brickmeier from Velocix, moderated by Andy Waltenspiel of Waltenspiel consulting.

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