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In the video business, content is king. Make sure your VOD service has the rich content library and superlative stream quality required to attract and win new subscribers. Velocix's high-density origin server and CDN software efficiently ingress, store, process, and deliver content to internet-connected screens, while powerful analytics provide the key performance metrics needed to run your business


Hybrid Cloud CDN

Save time and cost with flexible video software that can run on bare-metal hardware or cloud infrastructure.

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Flexible Multi-key DRM

Dynamically package and protect live content on-the-fly with multi-key Digital Rights Management (DRM).

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Hyperscale architectures

Learn how content delivery architectures are evolving toward cloud-native technologies and multi-cloud designs.

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Deliver file-based content more efficiently 

Deliver the maximum number of VOD streams from the smallest server footprint. Velocix's carrier-grade CDN software offers ultra-high stream performance, whether deployed on bare-metal servers or in virtual environments. Get the lowest total cost of ownership using the CDN platform preferred by the world's largest video service operators.  


Get the VOD insights you need to succeed

Find out "what, when, and how" your customers are watching VOD content to identify potential growth opportunities and fine-tune your marketing strategy. Velocix Analytics is your key to unlocking new revenues and uplifting service margins. See how video platforms are performing and uncover quality-of-service issues before they cause customer distress. Get a handle on growth and prepare for success with capacity planning and analysis tools. With quick access to the data that matters, you'll have the power to outperform your most optimistic goals. 

Save on storage costs with Velocix Origin

Don't let storage expenses get in the way of your growth strategy. Add more high-resolution HD, 4K, and 8K content to your VOD service using the most efficient origin server and storage platform in the industry. Velocix's origin server features software-defined storage with intelligent tiering to save cost without sacrificing reliability or performance.

Velocix products for VOD streaming

Content Delivery Network

A carrier-grade video CDN that supports VOD streaming
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Origin Server

A scalable content origin for VOD, live streaming, and CDVR
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Velocix Analytics

Cross-platform video analytics that provides key service insights
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