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Enlist our dedicated team of content delivery experts to operate, manage, and maintain your Velocix software deployment. For nearly two decades, Velocix has provided 24 x 7 network operations centre (NOC) monitoring, performance assurance, and quick-response remediation services for top-tier service providers around the globe. Whether you are looking for full turnkey services, a way to supplement your own operations team, or just some short-term help during high-profile live events, Velocix is here to help. 

Operational services

Guarantee service quality with 24 x 7 system monitoring from Velocix. Our Managed Services team continuously reviews key performance and health metrics to quickly resolve any issues before they impact your business.


Keep software and firmware up to date and operating flawlessly. Contract Velocix to maintain your software by upgrading your platform to the latest release and ensuring relevant security patches are applied.

System Optimisation

Task Velocix with improving the overall performance of your system. Our services team conducts in-depth audits to identify capacity and tuning enhancements that can improve quality and reduce costs. 

Safeguard your video business

Reduce the risk of revenue-impacting service events with Velocix's remote NOC shadowing services. Using a proprietary suite of diagnostic tools, our managed services experts collect and analyse real-time data metrics to uncover potential problems and capacity constraints as soon as possible. With early detection, Velocix can cut incident response, recovery, and resolution times by as much as 50%, resulting in a more stable platform on which to grow your business.  

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Case study: Managing stream growth during the COVID-19 lockdowns 

Video service providers around the globe faced rapidly rising stream demand in the wake of the initial COVID-19 quarantines. Challenged with looming capacity shortages and limited access to data centres, operators turned to Velocix's Managed Services team for assistance. See how Velocix's quick-response plan helped operators support growth and achieve success under difficult circumstances.

Webinar: Managed services for multi-cloud video networks

Improve your ability to respond to fast-changing market requirements with a multi-cloud video architecture operated and maintained by Velocix. Learn how our Managed services team can help you build, operate, and maintain a hybrid solution that combines the cost efficiency of private networks with the flexibility of cloud-native design.

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Velocix products available with Managed Services

Content Delivery Network

An ultra-efficient CDN solution for media applications
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Origin Server

A scalable content origination, storage, and recording solution
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Video Recording Manager

An orchestration platform for time-shifted video services
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Personalisation Platform

A dynamic ad insertion and manifest manipulation platform  
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Multicast ABR

A solution for efficiently streaming live video over IP networks
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