Stream to everyone, everywhere

Grow your business faster. According to research firm Omdia, mobile video revenues over 5G will rise by a staggering 85% year-over-year through 2028. Monetise your investment in 5G networks and serve a booming population of mobile consumers by launching personalised video applications targeted at wirelessly connected TVs, smartphones, and tablets, as well as connected cars and IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

Mobile edge computing

Improve stream quality and reduce mobile backhaul traffic by deploying containerised CDN software on multi-tenant edge computing nodes to cache popular content. 

5G request routing logic

Save valuable network bandwidth by intelligently routing 5G traffic across a multi-tier hierarchy of CDN servers to achieve peak delivery efficiency. 

Mobile video ads

Boost revenues by inserting highly targeted video ads into mobile content based on the consumer's viewing device, location, time, and other contextual factors.

Win and keep 5G subs by making video personal

Nearly 75% of consumers say video streaming is the primary reason to upgrade to 5G. Learn how personalised video applications can attract new 5G subscribers and create fresh revenue streams, while simultaneously reducing subscriber churn. 

5G cover - March 19 2020

Optimise your video network for mobility

Take advantage of Velocix's mobile-optimised CDN technology to deliver a first-rate viewing experience on wirelessly connected screens, while cutting downstream traffic and reducing mobile backhaul demands on your radio access network. Learn how Velocix's multi-tier CDN routing logic, inter-cache communications, and containerised caching technologies resolve common challenges operators face when deploying new 5G and edge-based applications.

Stream content to the 5G connected car

Stream content to a rising population of 4G and 5G connected cars. The global connected car market is projected to quadruple in the next few years. According to Gartner research, automobiles will represent the largest 5G IoT endpoint opportunity. Serve video entertainment and advertising content to consumers as they travel, and prepare for an autonomous driving future that will supercharge the demand for in-car entertainment.


Velocix products for 5G and mobile applications

Content Delivery Network

An ultra-efficient, mobile-optimised CDN solution
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Origin Server

A scalable content origination and recording solution
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Video Recording Manager

An orchestration platform for time-shifted video services
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Personalisation Platform

A platform for personalising mobile video streams with ads
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Multicast ABR

A solution for efficiently streaming live video over mobile networks
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