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Introducing the origin platform designed for what's next

The streaming market is changing fast. You need an origin server that can adapt and grow to meet new challenges. Keep pace by placing the industry's most capable origin platform at the heart of your content delivery architecture. With its modular cloud-native design and field-proven performance advantages, Velocix Origin gives you the flexibility and scalability you need to deliver class-leading live, VOD, and time-shifted video services to every connected screen. 

TELUS explains hybrid-cloud streaming strategy

Dilshan De Silva, Director Connected Home DevOps at TELUS, explains how Canada's second largest operator is migrating to Velocix's hybrid-cloud video streaming platform to lower delivery costs, improve scaling flexibility, and enhance the viewing experience.

“We needed a platform that was robust, ultra-reliable, and could scale-out rapidly, which is why we chose Velocix“



Cristian Hofer
Head of Video Engineering, Entel

Cloud DVR and time-shifted TV

Use our Emmy-winning cloud DVR software to record live TV content in the network for playback on a wide range of connected viewing devices.
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Multi-site geo-redundancy

Ensure users never miss a show or lose access to their DVR content with our carrier-grade fault resiliency and geo-redundancy features. 
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Scalable software-defined storage

Cost efficiently expand HD, 4K, and 8K content libraries with software-defined object storage that offers virtually infinite scaling.
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Ultra-low latency live streaming

Dynamically package, protect, and deliver live sports and news with minimal delay using our ultra-low latency streaming software. 
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Timeless TV

Let users watch live TV on their own timetable 

Give consumers the ability to watch live TV content on their own schedule, at home or on-the-go, by recording live content in the network and making it accessible on every connected screen. Enhance linear streaming services with time-shifted video apps like Cloud DVR, catch-up, and start-over.

Use Velocix's modular recording engine and cost-efficient software-defined storage system to provide limitless DVR capacity. Comply with content rights obligations and minimise scale-out costs with unique private-copy, shared-copy, and hybrid recording methodologies that enable you to deliver a truly timeless viewing experience to every consumer. 

Real geo-redundancy

Make service reliability a key pillar of your streaming business. Velocix Origin delivers the highest level of business continuity with true multi-site geo-redundancy features and frame-accurate failover. Automatically detect and route around fault conditions to prevent service interruptions, visual artifacts, or a loss of content. Ensure personalised video recordings are captured successfully, even when unexpected failures occur. Configure multiple layers of protection to safeguard your quality of service, raise consumer satisfaction levels, and reduce subscriber churn.

Tablet TV 4K 8K-1

Cost-efficient storage

Consumer demand for HD and Ultra HD content is skyrocketing. Attract new customers by offering more titles, higher content resolutions, and greater storage capacity for network-based recording services. Velocix Origin uses high-performance software-defined storage to minimise scale-out costs, resulting in healthier margins, a faster return on investment, and better overall business results. Storage platforms are specially tuned for recording and streaming applications and feature intelligent content management algorithms that drive down ongoing expenses.

Ultra-low latency streaming

Live sports are crucial to the pay TV value proposition. Delight sports fans by delivering live video streams that arrive in sync with social media alerts. Unlike traditional adaptive bit-rate (ABR) streams which can lag 30-seconds or more behind real-world events, ultra-low latency ABR delivery can shrink delays to 2-seconds or less.  This ensures viewers see the game winning score before they hear about it on social media, which will make your sports fans cheer.

Webinar: Introducing Ad-supported CDVR

Learn how incremental revenue can be unleashed from Cloud DVR (CDVR) content with the latest video recording management and Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) technology.

Webinar ad-supported cloud dvr

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