Rethink your streaming efficiency

Strengthen scaling, QoE and revenues

With CDN Broker, video service providers can intelligently route video streams over public and private CDNs to maximise the streaming efficiency. Designed for open environments, the SaaS application incorporates a powerful, rules-driven CDN decisioning engine and in-stream CDN switcher for optimising traffic delivery. With CDN Broker, the best fit CDNs can be selected at the right time, using automation driven by factors such as cost, quality of experience, traffic demands, latency, geo controls and energy consumption.

“Multi-CDN content delivery offers greater efficiency, reach and resiliency, and it can also contribute to greater sustainability”
Brian Stevenson
Technical Fellow - Streaming Video Technology Alliance (SVTA)


Ultra-efficient streaming

Fine-tune multi-CDN networks for peak efficiency with load balancing plus latency and energy use based decisioning.
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Scale effectively

Dynamically scale capacity for transient traffic spikes, and rapidly extend geographic reach beyond private CDNs.
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Enhanced viewing experience

Ensure subscribers receive the highest QoE and up-time on private and public CDNs by adjusting CDN delivery paths.
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Boost revenues

Automatically select the lowest cost CDNs and generate new revenues by opening private CDNs to OTT content providers.
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Unmatched streaming efficiency

Improve streaming performance and minimise latency by balancing stream workloads across different CDNs / regions to avoid congestion issues. Environmental sustainability can also be enhanced by switching to the most energy efficient CDNs to reduce emissions.

Scale-out readily

Dynamically scale capacity across multiple CDNs to support transient traffic spikes linked to high profile live events and other types of content. Deliver content beyond the reach of the private network using public CDNs to service new geographies quickly, without having to build out new on-premises platforms.


Improved QoE

Ensure quality standards are met on both private and public CDNs by tracking performance and adjusting delivery paths to meet target KPIs. Boost QoS by monitoring CDN statistics in real-time and re-routing traffic through alternate CDN providers when needed.

Increased revenues

Reduce costs by dynamically selecting the lowest-cost CDN that satisfies QoE standards, defined rules and constraints. Create new revenue opportunities by opening your CDN to traffic from other operators or third party OTT content providers.


Carrier-grade resilience

CDN Broker robustly supports carrier-level traffic volumes.
Its segment level routing supports petabytes of traffic per day, using a scalable design that leverages Velocix’s core CDN experience.

Webinar: What's next in multi-CDN stream delivery

Learn how advanced decisioning, routing and switching software is essential to optimising multi-CDN performance across cloud and on-premises platforms. Hear from Jon Anderson and Satish Kunapuli, multi-CDN experts at Velocix, along with moderator Andy Waltenspiel, as they address the key considerations and technologies involved in improving multi-CDN delivery.


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