Unlock the power of video analytics

Improve network performance and drive subscriber growth

Measure cross-platform system performance and viewership data to optimise your video streaming business. Deploy cloud-native video analytics to gain a deeper understanding of streaming efficiency, audience behaviour, and consumer quality of experience data.

Actionable intelligence

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“The Velocix Analytics product allows us to track streaming efficiency, ensuring the best customer experience.”

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Pedro Muñoz
Senior Manager, Video Core Engineering , Liberty Latin America

Maximise streaming performance

Ensure your content delivery network is operating at optimum efficiency with data-driven insights.
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Elevate the Quality of Experience

Track your customers’ viewing experience to maintain the highest quality at all times.
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Effective incident response

Prevent churn by responding to streaming faults more effectively with alerts and deep-dive analytics.
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Project capacity requirements

Analyse headroom and resource utilisation to ensure your platform is ready to support rising demand.
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Optimise streaming efficiency

Fine-tune your content delivery framework to operate at peak efficiency with actionable intelligence. Get a panoramic view of system performance and platform health across platforms by monitoring essential KPIs like throughput, cache hit ratio, and latency.

Enhanced viewing experience

Ensure your subscribers receive the highest Quality of Experience (QoE). Track viewing quality in near real-time with a multi-report dashboard displaying key QoE metrics, such as adaptive bit rate profiles served, and bit rate fluctuations.


Improved fault response

Improve your reaction to faults and reduce subscriber churn. Understand issues with advanced customised alerts and tools designed to guide fault investigation. Build your own reports and charts to track critical KPIs.

Capacity planning

Accurately predict your capacity needs and plan for growth. Ensure your content delivery platforms are sized to weather traffic spikes for major live events and to support future subscriber growth. Keep track of headroom and resource utilisation with intuitive monitoring dashboards.


Refine your business strategy

Develop a better understanding of your customers to identify revenue growth opportunities. Strengthen your business strategy with multi-level behavioural analytics, including content consumption patterns and trends, as well as viewership metrics by region and device type.

Webinar: Why data is key to cloud video evolution

Learn how analytics simplifies migration to hybrid-cloud architectures. Hear from Pedro Muñoz, Senior Manager, Video Core Engineering at Liberty Latin America, and André Rosado, Product Manager at Velocix, along with moderator Andy Waltenspiel, as they discuss how next-generation video analytics can accelerate the evolution towards cloud-based content delivery.

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