The future of video is personal

Free consumers to watch TV on their own timetable

Fast-forward your video business by giving consumers the power to capture live TV and file-based content in the network, rather than a dusty and failure-prone DVR box. Enrich your multi-screen service offering by letting users watch personal recordings whenever and however they want, on any connected screen. With Velocix Recording Manager (VRM) you can deploy innovative time-shifted video applications, like cloud DVR, catch-up TV, and start-over, that enhance the Pay TV value proposition and create profitable new revenue streams.

“We needed a solution that was proven to perform at scale and would give us flexibility to evolve our video services rapidly to meet the rising consumer interest in streaming video.” 

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Robust recording features

Manage recordings, content lifecycles, service attributes, and upsell opportunities for large-scale Cloud DVR and time-shifted video deployments.
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Fast and flexible deployment

Launch fast with our fully-hosted SaaS platform or deploy a dedicated software instance on bare-metal, private, or public cloud infrastructure.
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Multi-supplier integration

Integrate different recording engine, storage, and middleware brands together to preserve legacy investments and break free of vendor lock-in. 
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Cost-efficient Cloud DVR

Save money and satisfy content rights obligations with private-copy, shared-copy, and hybrid recording models that minimise scale-out costs.
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Enable DVR on every device

Provide consumers with access to personalised recordings on connected TVs, smart phones, tablets, and other devices with VRM's multi-screen administration features. Allow users to start playback on one screen and resume on another using configurable bookmarking. Set rules to control how many simultaneous recordings can be initiated, how much storage capacity is available, and how the service functions for each individual user. Unlock new subscription revenue with upsell features that give users the ability to customise their service. With VRM, you have the advanced features you need to make every video experience more personal. 

Cloud DVR Features

Configurable storage and recording quotas
Multi-screen bookmarking
User and operator defined recording schedules
Series recording
Last minute EPG correction
Configurable trick-mode restrictions
Upsell opportunities

Catapult to the cloud

Shorten your time to market and minimise upfront cost with our fully-hosted software-as-a-service VRM solution. With its open APIs and pre-verified technology partner integrations, VRM is ready to meet your aggressive project timetables.  Velocix's multi-tenant cloud-based solution is fully georedundant and designed to satsify carrier-grade performance and reliability standards. When required, VRM software can also be installed on-premises, either on bare-metal or virtualised infrastructure. Whatever your needs, Velocix has a solution that will fit the bill.

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Simplify complex recording workflows

Save time, effort, and money by implementing one unified recording management solution that can span across multiple technology suppliers, business units, and geographies. Our open multi-tenant solution is already pre-integrated with the market's leading recording engines, origin servers, and middleware platforms, making set-up a breeze. Standardise workflows and minimise unnecessary complexity, while still supporting unique regional requirements that are must-haves for deployment success.

Reduce recording costs

Capture live video content in the most cost effective way, while remaining in compliance with local regulations and content rights obligations. With VRM you can set-up your Cloud DVR system to support private-copy, shared-copy, or a hybrid architecture that intelligently manages the recording and storage process by channel, content type, or program. Optimise storage costs by managing content placement and replication across multiple storage performance tiers based on usage, age, and other factors.  

Cost saving features

Intelligent storage-tiering that balances performance versus cost
Advanced data deduplication to reduce content replication
Multi-recorder features to foster competition and drive down infrastructure costs

Webinar: Generating Higher Revenues from Cloud DVR

Take advantage of VRM's upsell capabilities to market Cloud DVR add-ons that propel subscription revenues higher. Replace stale ads in time-shifted content with targeted ads that are more relevant to consumers and valuable to ad buyers. In this webinar, Velocix explores how the latest Cloud DVR and stream personalisation technologies offer new avenues for video service providers to improve ROI and reduce subscriber churn.

Cloud DVR Webinar

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