Score with sports fans

Every moment counts in live sports. Enhance the viewing experience for your most valued customers by cutting stream latency to broadcast levels or better. Support social viewing applications and synchronise playback with social media alerts to pull viewers into the action.

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Monetising Cloud DVR

The cloud DVR market has grown solidly over recent years, creating new opportunities for video service providers.

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Dynamic DRM Protection

Safeguard live content and prevent piracy by applying multi-key Digital Rights Management (DRM) from leading suppliers.

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Event Based Monitoring

Event-based monitoring

Use Velocix's Managed Services to oversee key live events and ensure everything goes right while the whole world is watching.

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Fast-forward your live services with cloud DVR

Catapult your live streaming services forward with a flexible network-based video recording solution that powers time-shifted video applications on every connected screen. Velocix Recording Manager (VRM) makes it simple to launch cloud DVR, catchup, and restart services that enhance the pay-TV value proposition and drive incremental revenue with unique upsell features. 

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Preparing CDNs for a surge in live sports

Deliver a next-generation live video experience that keeps sports fanatics satisfied and coming back for more. Learn how to prepare your CDN for surging viewership associated with live sports tournaments and get up to speed on hybrid-cloud technologies that offer unlimited flex capacity. Find out how to differentiate your services from the competition and see how managed services experts can help make sure your network is ready to perform during the big event.   


Scale out live services with Multicast ABR

Stream live video services more efficiently with Velocix's Multicast ABR (MABR) software. Use multicast to deliver content simultaneously to millions of consumers using a common shared video stream, then dynamically switch back to unicast to personalise streams with ads. Reduce network bandwidth consumption and lower costs with a standards-based solution design that integrates seamlessly into common endpoints and is ideally suited for large-scale deployments.

Velocix products for live streaming and cloud DVR

Content Delivery Network

A carrier-grade video CDN with ultra-low latency live streaming
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Origin Server

A scalable content origin for live streaming and Cloud DVR
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Video Recording Manager

A control plane to enhance live services with time-shifted apps
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Personalisation Platform

Software for inserting addressable ads into live streams
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Multicast ABR

A solution for cost-effectively scaling live video services
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Velocix Analytics

Cross-platform video analytics that provides key service insights
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