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Why hybrid-cloud video streaming?

Hosted by: Velocix, moderated by Andy Waltenspiel
Presented by: Miguel Jardim, Joao Tavres and Sergio Delgado

Combine cloud flexibility + on-premises cost-efficiency
Crafting a next-generation content delivery architecture that combines both cloud and on-premises technology is critical to cost-effectively scaling live, VOD, and time-shifted video services. Join experts from Altice Portugal and Velocix for this on-demand webinar.

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The state of play in cloud adoption & digital transformation

Hosted by: Polly Hickling, Member of the IET Media Executive
Presented by:
 Fred Sun, Jean-Christophe Perier & Sergio Delgado

IBC 2023: The cloud is revolutionising many aspects of the content everywhere ecosystem and is a key component in the digital transformation of many stakeholders in the media and entertainment sector. This session will review the current state of play, new areas of cloud adoption and the impact on business models and industry costs.

  • Fred Sun, Head of Strategy - Tencent Cloud International
  • Jean-Christophe Perier, Chief Marketing Officer - Globecast
  • Sergio Delgado, Product Marketing Manager - Velocix
IBC 2023 Content Everywhere


Hybrid-cloud & edge cloud video streaming

Hosted by: Velocix, moderated by Andy Waltenspiel
Presented by: Jon Anderson and Sergio Delgado

New technologies delivering serious cost & energy savings
Get up to speed on cloud-native streaming technologies that are driving down costs, elevating efficiency, and boosting the flexibility of live, VOD and time-shifted video services.

Gain strategic insights about the latest hybrid-cloud and edge-cloud content delivery architectures from Jon Anderson and Sergio Delgado, Product Managers at Velocix, in a lively discussion with moderator Andy Waltenspiel.



What's next in multi-CDN stream technology

Hosted by: Velocix - Moderated by Andy Waltenspiel
Presented by: Jon Anderson and Satish Kunapuli

Reduce costs | Improve QoE | Extend service reach

Multi-CDN stream delivery is gaining traction as video service providers seek to increase their quality of experience and fault resilience while minimising costs and energy consumption.

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The Business of Open Caching

Hosted by: IBC 365 - Moderated by Andy Waltenspiel
Presented by: Disney Streaming, The Video Streaming Alliance and Velocix

A win-win model for scaling OTT delivery
For content providers, Open Caching offers a way to scale out direct-to-consumer (DTC) services quickly and cost effectively, while boosting stream quality and performance. For internet service providers (ISPs), it presents an opportunity to monetise their last-mile networks and capitalise on DTC stream growth. Get expert perspectives from Disney Streaming, The Streaming Video Alliance and Velocix.

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Greener, more efficient streaming

Hosted by: Velocix Moderated by Andy Waltenspiel
Presented by: Brian Stevenson and Jon Anderson

Reducing energy consumption | Maximising performance
Get new insights about greener streaming technologies that minimise energy consumption, while also optimising content delivery efficiency.

Join Streaming Video Technology Alliance (SVTA)  Technical Fellow, Brian Stevenson, plus Jon Anderson, CDN Product Manager at Velocix, along with moderator Andy Waltenspiel, for a lively discussion about key video technologies that strengthen sustainability.

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Secure, scalable video streaming

Hosted by: Velocix, moderated by Andy Waltenspiel
Presented by: Kris Spence, Sebastian Braun and Sergio Delgado

Content protection for cloud TV applications
As video service providers embrace hybrid-cloud technology to scale-out video streaming and storage, it's imperative that content security is at the heart of their growth strategies. Join experts from TELUS, Verimatrix and Velocix for this on-demand webinar about Secure, scalable video streaming.



Technology to watch: content delivery

Hosted by: Velocix - Moderated by Andy Waltenspiel
Presented by: Jon Anderson and Sergio Delgado

Hot topics to have on your radar before IBC 2022
Join Velocix’s content delivery experts, Jon Anderson and Sergio Delgado, along with moderator Andy Waltenspiel, for a timely and lively discussion about new and emerging video streaming technologies that will dominate discussions IBC 2022.

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2023 streaming tech predictions

Hosted by: Velocix, moderated by Andy Waltenspiel
Presented by: Jim Brickmeier and Sergio Delgado

What's coming next in content delivery
In this webinar, we look ahead to 2023 and identify key video streaming technologies that will make a big impact and enable the next phase of video service providers’ digital transformations. 

Join Jim Brickmeier, CEO at Velocix, and content delivery expert Sergio Delgado, along with moderator Andy Waltenspiel, for a wide-ranging discussion about what’s on the horizon for video delivery.

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Shaping the future of television

Hosted by: Velocix
Presented by: Jim Brickmeier and Craig Sinasac

A review of the hot topics in video streaming in 2022
Join Velocix’s Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Jim Brickmeier, and VP of Development & Technology, Craig Sinasac, along with moderator Andy Waltenspiel, for a lively discussion about the evolution of content delivery.

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Why data is key to cloud video evolution

Hosted by: Digital TV Europe (DTVE)
Presented by: LLA, Velocix and Waltenspiel Consulting

How analytics simplify migration to hybrid-cloud architectures 
Interest in transitioning video streaming workflows from bare-metal server deployments towards full-cloud and hybrid-cloud architectures is at an all-time high. This panel discussion will focus on how next-generation video analytics are the key to accelerating the evolution towards cloud-based content delivery.

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What's next in content delivery

Hosted by: Digital TV Europe (DTVE)
Presented by: Deutsche Telekom, Velocix and Waltenspiel Consulting

Exploring the future of video streaming technology
With so many new technologies on the horizon, it can be a challenge to keep pace with all the latest trends. This virtual panel focuses on the innovations that will have a substantial impact on the content delivery market over the next few years. 

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Addressable advertising & the streaming ecosystem

Hosted by: Digital TV Europe (DTVE)
Presented by: Altice Portugal, Omdia, and Velocix

How you can build new revenue from targeting & personalisation
Interest in addressable advertising is growing dramatically, and this Symposium by Digital TV Europe and Omdia considers how operators can best tap the power of addressable ads and personalisation.

DTVE Social graphic - June 15 2021


Pivoting to addressable ads to uplift Pay TV revenue

Hosted by: Light Reading
Presented by: André Bento - Velocix, Daniel Church - Beachfront and Moderated by Andreas Waltenspiel

Key steps for migrating to SSAI for operators of all sizes
Watch the virtual panel to learn how new revenue can be unlocked by operators of all sizes using highly targeted, Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) technology that can deliver more relevant and valuable video advertising to each consumer.

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Introducing Ad-supported Cloud DVR

Hosted by: Julian Clover, Broadband TV News
Presented by: Sergio Delgado & André Bento -Velocix

Cloud-native technology for Cloud DVR & Dynamic Ad Insertion
During this virtual panel, learn how incremental revenue can be unleashed from time-shifted content with the latest video recording management and Dynamic Ad Insertion technology.

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Capitalising on Connected TV advertising

Hosted by: Nick Snow, Advanced Television
Presented by: André Bento - Velocix, Frank Sinton - Beachfront

Unlocking higher video revenues with Dynamic Ad Insertion
Watch the virtual panel to learn how the latest Dynamic Ad Insertion, ad routing, and decisioning technology enables video service providers to capitalise on CTV advertising and unlock more value from every video stream.

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Opening the Audio-Video Pipeline

Hosted by: Light Reading
Presented by: Telus, Vodafone & Velocix

Lowering content delivery costs, speeding time-to-market
Learn how these new multi-tenant IP video technologies form the foundation of a more flexible video network, helping to reduce time-to-market for new applications, streamlining workflows, and driving down operators’ total cost of ownership.

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Managed services for multi-cloud video networks

Hosted by: Sa Eva Nébié - Dataxis
Presented by: Jaikumar Chidambaram - Velocix

Simplifying the transition to cloud-native workflows
Video streaming and advertising workflows are moving to the cloud, although the transition won’t happen overnight.

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Preparing CDNs for a resurgence of live sports

Hosted by: Nick Snow - Advanced Television
Presented by: André Rosado - Velocix

Elevating the fan experience with the latest IP video tech
Live sports tournaments are now resuming after the COVID-19 pandemic. How should IP video service providers prepare for the inevitable resurgence in sports-driven stream viewership? 

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Hyperscale video CDNs for multi-cloud environments

Hosted by: Julian Clover - Broadband TV
Presented by: Indy Bains - Velocix

Cloud-native solutions for optimising streaming efficiency
Learn what's driving video service operators to scale-out streaming services in the cloud.

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Generating higher revenues from Cloud DVR

Hosted by: Nick Snow - Advanced Television
Presented by: Sergio Delgado - Velocix

Benefit from surging time-shifted video consumption
Watch this webinar to learn how carriers can generate additional revenues from time-shifted content by upselling Cloud DVR capacity and ad replacement

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Target growth with programmatic TV ads

Hosted by: Julian Clover, Broadband TV News
Presented by: Andrew Kisel, Velocix

Learn 4 steps to boost monetisation
Watch this webinar to understand the major market drivers fueling interest in programmatic TV advertising.

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