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Velocix CDN

Carrier-grade content delivery network software

Rock solid performance

It's what pay TV operators expect from their CDN

That's because CDNs form the foundation of their video businesses. Without scalability, reliability, flexibility, and efficiency at the core of their networks, video businesses can't grow. That's why the world's largest and most successful service providers rely on Velocix's field-proven CDN technology to power their most advanced IP video services.

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"We are delivering a very large and rapidly growing amount of video streams over IP. The Velocix CDN has been a great performer and works flawlessly."

Liberty Global

Olivier Philippe, VP Entertainment Technology
Liberty Global

Class-leading CDN efficiency 

Deliver the highest quality streams at the lowest possible cost using our patented Hi-Fi™ caching algorithm and multi-dimensional routing logic.
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Cloud or on-premises deployment

Adapt quickly to changing business needs and capacity requirements by deploying workload-aware CDN software in the cloud, on-premises, or both. 
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Scalable request routing

Scale without limits using advanced edge request routing technology that eliminates traffic bottlenecks and reduces stream latency.
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Optimised for 5G growth

Tap into the rising tide of 5G viewership to boost your video revenues. Use the CDN to cut backhaul traffic and maximise stream quality for viewers on the go. 
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Smarter request routing

Use Velocix's multi-dimensional caching and routing technology to lower content delivery costs 

Hi-Fi caching

Employ Velocix's patented Hi-Fi™ algorithm to supercharge CDN cache efficiency and boost performance relative to standard caching algorithms. Hi-Fi boosts both memory and disk hit rates by analysing data across multiple CDN tiers. It then uses this data to make smarter decisions on what content to cache at each level of the CDN hierarchy, what content to retain in each server, and for how long.

3D routing and geo controls

Deploy Velocix's 3D™ routing technology to improve routing precision. Multi-dimensional routing policies span network level, service level, and cache/PoP level data to deliver highly accurate results. Use dynamic IP blocks management, cost-based routing policies, and robust geo-routing controls to ensure content is delivered using the optimal path and access to premium content assets is secured. 

Content awareness

Take advantage of content-aware caching to improve cache efficiency. Direct subsequent requests for the same content to the same cache, thereby reducing content replication within the CDN. Apply content-aware origin selection to orchestrate the routing of upstream requests to the optimal origin server within a cluster, streamlining routing decisions and improving selection accuracy.   

Capacity on-demand

Be prepared for rapid stream growth with our hybrid-cloud CDN technology. Velocix's CDN software can run on bare-metal or in private, public, or edge cloud environments. Orchestrated capacity scaling can dynamically balance streaming workloads across multiple deployment environments and cloud providers to react to changing demand. Whatever your platform requirements are, Velocix's CDN is ready to support your needs.  

Velocix Cloud
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Infinitely scalable

Expand your CDN capacity without limitations or latency impacts using distributed edge-based request routing. Edge request routing eliminates common scale-out issues associated with centralised HTTP and DNS-based routing architectures by dispersing the load across many servers. As your CDN scales larger, so does your request routing capacity, eliminating single points of failure and capacity bottlenecks that can rear their head at the worst possible time. With Velocix's CDN, you can rest assured that your CDN is ready for primetime and able to support the peak capacity you need without compromise.

5G video services

Optimised for 5G

5G video services will generate more than $100B in revenue by 2030

Mobile viewership is expected to boom over the next decade. Now is the time to tap into this emerging growth market. Deploy CDN software deep at the edge of the radio access network on dedicated caches or MEC nodes to improve stream quality and reduce latency on mobile devices. Let Velocix intelligently manage traffic to minimise backhaul traffic and better utilise downstream network capacity. Click below to discover how our CDN can power your 5G video strategy.

Webinar: What's next in content delivery

Join Pedro Bandeira, VP Product & New Business at Deutsche Telekom, and Jim Brickmeier, CPO/CMO at Velocix, to get a read on what’s new, what’s important, and what technologies will drive the greatest transformation in the content delivery market in the years to come.

Webinar - Whats new in content delivery

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