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Shaping the future of television

We build the technology that powers what's next in video entertainment

Connecting people

We connect people with the content they love to watch

Velocix is the world’s leading provider of carrier-grade video streaming and advertising technology and we are Making Video Personal, on every connected screen. Our technology is used to engage, entertain, and inform millions of people around the globe, every single day. 

Driving the transformation

We help telecommunications and cable operators, internet service providers, broadcasters, and OTT streaming companies navigate a rapidly changing video market, delivering best-in-class solutions that enable them to compete more effectively, grow their businesses profitably, and delight their customers.

Driving transformation

Making Video Personal

We are changing the way consumers watch TV by building products that are more responsive to personal viewing preferences, making every video experience more rewarding and enjoyable. By catering to consumers as individuals, we believe video service operators can substantially boost their business results. 


Delivering the future, faster

We build software that enables new features to be deployed more quickly, allowing our customers to keep pace with emerging trends and time-critical business requirements. We are pushing the boundaries of video technology and crafting innovative concepts that will reshape consumers' viewing experiences both inside and outside the home.

Augmented Reality

Carrier-grade by design

We develop video solutions tailored to the needs of large-scale video service operators. Reliability, flexibility, and scaling efficiency are all critical to operating a revenue-generating video business. We strive to maximise operators' return on investment by minimising upfront costs and ongoing expenses while providing advanced features that unlock more value from every video stream delivered. 

Carrier-grade by design
"The one constant in the video market is change. Operators value suppliers that behave as partners, helping them to gracefully navigate change and deliver on their strategic vision. That's where Velocix shines."

Jim Brickmeier, CEO

Our history

Velocix has been a leader in content delivery technology since it was founded nearly two decades ago.  From day one, our commitment has been to deliver excellence for our customers, so they can achieve their loftiest goals.

CacheLogic Old Velocix logo


Founded as CacheLogic, the company was a pioneer in IP-based content delivery technology for media applications.


Alcatel Lucent logo


The company was acquired by Alcatel-Lucent in 2009, establishing a new division named after CacheLogic's popular Velocix CDN solution. 


Nokia logo


Alcatel-Lucent and Velocix were purchased by Nokia in 2016.  Velocix was known as the IP video business unit within the IP and Optical Networking (ION) group.


Velocix logo

2018 - Today

Velocix was carved out of Nokia by Volaris Group, a subsidiary of Constellation Software.  Velocix is now part of Lumine Group, a collection of media and communications businesses spun out from Constellation Software in 2023.

Velocix and Lumine Group

Velocix operates as an independent company within a portfolio of media and communications businesses collectively known as Lumine Group.

About Lumine Group
Lumine Group (TSXV: LMN) is one of the world’s largest communications and media software portfolios. Lumine offers communications and media software companies the ability to grow, retain independence, and focus on the needs of their customers and employees.