Shrink your carbon footprint

Boost streaming efficiency to lower energy emissions.  Advanced CDN technologies, optimised caching logic, and eco-relevant analytics can substantially reduce the environmental impact of rising video streaming traffic. Build your video business greener from the ground up to deliver a winning proposition for you, your customers, and the world at large.

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Hybrid cloud CDNs

Increase energy efficiency by spinning up capacity only when needed using elastic, hybrid cloud CDN technology

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HiFi caching

Amplify CDN cache efficiency to improve memory usage and reduce server counts using Velocix's patented HiFi caching

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Open caching

Improve utilisation, reduce waste, and create a new source of revenue by opening your multi-tenant CDN platform to OTT traffic

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More efficient live streaming

Multicast ABR is a key technology for improving the efficiency of live streaming, and it’s ideally suited to content like sports which can spike stream demand. Unlike traditional unicast streams which use one stream for every viewer, multicast ABR enables one stream to support millions of simultaneous viewers. This saves valuable bandwidth and money, while dramatically lowering emissions.


Actionable intelligence that drives efficiency

To reduce emissions, you need to understand how your video network is performing. Advanced streaming analytics allow streaming providers to optimise the performance of their CDNs using an array of tools, including trend analysis and headroom monitoring. Dashboards presenting eco-relevant data can provide deeper insight into energy consumption across the video network, with a view to enhancing sustainability.

Eco-friendly video recording 

Achieve energy savings with multi-tenant video recording orchestration. Using a cloud-based framework for video recording enables infrastructure to be shared across multiple operating companies or sites, thereby lowering processing, storage, power consumption, space, and air conditioning needs.

Webinar: Greener, more efficient streaming

Get new insights about greener streaming technologies that minimise energy consumption, while also optimising content delivery efficiency. Join Streaming Video Alliance Technical Fellow, Brian Stevenson, plus Jon Anderson - CDN product Manager at Velocix, along with moderator Andy Waltenspiel, for a lively discussion about key video technologies that strengthen sustainability.

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Velocix products that support greener streaming

Content Delivery Network

A carrier-grade video CDN with ultra-low latency live streaming
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Origin Server

A scalable content origin for live streaming and Cloud DVR 
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Video Recording Manager

A control plane to enhance live services with time-shifted apps
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Open Caching

Monetise the last mile network with open edge caches.
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Multicast ABR

A solution for cost-effectively scaling live video services
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Velocix Analytics

Cross-platform video analytics that provides key service insights
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