Scaling with cloud-burst

CDN Broker is ideal for controlling hybrid cloud CDN platforms with on-premises CDNs augmented by public CDNs to efficiently manage traffic bursts, such as during major live sporting events.

Hybrid cloud CDN platform
Dynamic scaling of content delivery during periods of high demand


A hybrid cloud architecture contributes to greater environmental sustainability since it allows on-premises CDNs to be sized for typical daily demands, rather than occasional bursts. By right-sizing the on-premises CDN, wasteful idling of CDN caches can be avoided.

Example of hybrid cloud workflow
CDN Broker can precisely control cloud-burst switching to prevent traffic congestion and any associated deterioration in viewing quality. The following steps link to the schematic above:

Step 1

For premium content, the private CDN is preferred to keep costs low, quality high. Capacity is available, so the CDN Broker directs traffic to the Private CDN

Step 2

Demand rises unexpectedly. Max capacity is reached on the private CDN.

Step 3

CDN Broker automatically re-routes traffic to the next best CDN, for example Public CDN A, without interruption.

Step 4

Private CDN is continuously monitored. When space is available on the Private CDN, sessions are moved back to the private CDN to save cost.


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