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Scalable request routing

Support skyrocketing stream demand with Velocix's scalable request routing software. Distribute routing decisions to the edge of the CDN network to prevent bottlenecks and minimise start-up latency as stream counts grow. Use geo-location controls and granular configuration settings to improve cache selection accuracy and fine-tune routing logic.

Scalable request routing
Geo-location controls
Granular routing logic

Scalable request routing

Intelligently route CDN traffic using DNS or HTTP-based redirects. For very large-scale applications, use edge-based request routing to rapidly grow stream capacity without performance or latency impacts. Choose the best option for your network and application.

Request routing options
  • The simplest routing option
  • Compatible with all types of clients
HTTP-based (central 302)
  • Works with the majority of HTTP clients
  • Higher cache-hit rates can be achieved with HTTP vs DNS-based routing
HTTP-based (edge 302)
  • Ideal for large CDN deployments
  • Scales linearly in correlation to CDN egress capacity
  • Supports unique routing modifications via advanced scripting (VxPL)
  • Substantially higher cache efficiency - up to double that of DNS-based routing 

Geo-location controls

Use sophisticated geo-location controls to improve request routing accuracy. Automated tools simplify CDN set-up and change management operations, which is essential for large and fast-growing video businesses.

Geo-location Features
IP blocks management
  • Manage the IP addresses of network components and devices in the network
  • Ensure optimal cache selection
Geo-location controls + Maxmind data
  • Accurately pinpoint consumer location and improve cache selection precision
  • Limit content access by geography
  • Thwart anonymising proxies designed to circumvent geo-blocking controls
Network abstraction
  • Analyse and learn the IP network topology using BGP and IS-IS data
  • Automate configuration changes required to support rapidly evolving networks
  • Simplify CDN operations by eliminating the need for manual inputs


Granular routing logic

Configure how the CDN routes traffic based on content and service attributes, network conditions, resource loading, and other factors. Fine-tune settings to achieve optimal CDN efficiency under all conditions.

Decision factors for routing
Location Proximity of caches to the end-user
Load Current traffic load on CDN caches
Health Health status of CDN components
Content / caching awareness Existing placement of content within the CDN caches and origin servers
Policy Business policies defined by the operator
Cost Transit cost to reach the end-user
Content-type Content-type being delivered
Service-type Service-type associated with the content
Custom / other Any other attributes desired by the customer, via customisable VxPL scripts

Make sure your CDN is equipped to support your company's growth plans. See why many of the world's largest video brands trust Velocix's carrier-grade CDN technology to power their premium-tier streaming services.

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