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Proximus selects Velocix's CDN to scale-out IP video streaming



Proximus is the largest convergent telecoms player in Belgium, serving more than 1.7 million TV customers, and commanding nearly 38% of the digital TV market in Belgium.

The company has been offering IPTV services since 2005, and it announced the launch of its Android TV based Pickx video service in June of 2019. Proximus expanded its offering with the launch of the Pickx app on Apple TV in 2020.

With its advanced personalisation capabilities, Pickx makes it easier for consumers to discover, browse and watch the content that suits their specific interests.

Proximus Pickx TV
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The Challenge

With rapidly rising stream viewership and a growing subscriber base for the Pickx multi-screen video service, Proximus needed to scale out its streaming capacity by expanding its CDN to support future growth.

In the process of expanding the video network, it was also important to ensure a high level of cost-efficiency, along with the highest level of streaming quality in view of the premium tier video service.

The solution

By deploying Velocix’s on-net licensed CDN, Proximus was able to double its HTTP streaming capacity and thereby meet its anticipated expansion requirements.

A resilient configuration was implemented using ultra-high density server designs and solid state edge caches.

Velocix’s carrier-grade CDN offers exceptional cost-effectiveness, while also providing unmatched streaming performance at scale for a high Quality of Service.

Software deployed

  • Velocix CDN

Velocix’s CDN was a thoughtful choice for us, given its exceptional stream density, ultra-reliable performance at scale, and field-proven ability to deliver the highest-quality viewing experience to our premium-tier Pickx customers.”

Thierry Demoor
Head of Digital Products & Solutions Platforms, Proximus

The Result

By deploying Velocix’s CDN, Proximus can deliver the highest quality streaming experience for its Pickx subscribers, while also benefiting from low cost per bit content delivery using a highly flexible and resilient streaming architecture.

Proximus Pickx TV devices