Origin storage

Attract new subscribers to your video service by expanding your network-based storage capacity. Whether you need to grow your VOD library or surpass your competitors' Cloud DVR capacity, Velocix's software-defined storage platform and S3 compatible cloud-storage interfaces can get you launched for less.

Performance and capacity
Cost-saving efficiency
Reliable and resilient

Performance and capacity

In the streaming business, content drives viewership. Propel your business forward by adding more high-resolution HD, 4K, and 8K content to your video service. Velocix Origin features hyper-scalable software-defined object storage that is performance-tuned to support the unique performance requirements of private and shared-copy cloud DVR applications, as well as video-on-demand services.

Storage performance and capacity attributes
Hyper-scalable to exabyte capacities
Massively parallel read and write performance
Tuned to video streaming and recording workloads
High performance solid-state and disk storage options

Cost-saving efficiency

Run storage software on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) servers to keep costs down, reduce maintenance hassles, and improve reliability. Designed expressly for capacity-intensive applications like Cloud DVR and VOD, our field-proven technology intelligently manages content throughout its lifecycle to ensure the optimal use of your storage investment.

Cost-saving storage attributes
Multi-tier design with popularity-based content migration
S3 interfaces to connect cloud and hybrid-cloud storage
Deduplication for private-copy Cloud DVR
Low-cost COTS server hardware


Reliable and resilient

Rely on Velocix's field-proven storage solution to support your most demanding video applications. With configurable erasure coding, you can dial in the level of protection you need to align with your business requirements. Fully resilient storage configurations ensure content is always accessible, even in the face of multiple fault conditions such as server, power, or network failures. With automated self-healing and rebalancing, Velocix's storage platform safeguards content so your video service is continuously available. 

Storage reliability and resiliency attributes
Decentralised data structure with intelligent replication
Configurable erasure coding for tunable data protection
Self-healing and rebalancing
Fully resilient to multiple fault conditions (component, server, network, etc.)

Support your customer's thirst for video content by upgrading to a more scalable and cost-efficient storage solution from Velocix.

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