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Connecting multiple ad platforms

Elevate the value of your ad inventory by fostering competition between ad buyers. Connect with multiple ad platforms and exchanges to increase ad sales reach, improve ad fill rates, and drive higher CPMs. VPP acts as a central connection point to your streaming platform, coordinating direct and programmatic ad sales workflows to ensure you receive top dollar for your inventory.

Increase ad sales reach
Improve ad fill rates
Boost ad inventory value

Increase ad sales reach

Attract more ad buyers to your inventory by connecting with multiple ad partners in parallel. Each ad partner brings new potential buyers to the table. When these buyers compete for your avails, the laws of supply and demand begin to take effect, driving the value of your inventory higher. VPP's support for granular targeting parameters and session-level ad insertion even allows smaller local ad buyers to bid in competition with larger national ad buyers, helping to maximise your returns.

Example ad platform integrations
Comcast / Freewheel
+ more


Improve ad fill rates 

When exposure to your ad inventory is limited by single-source ad partner relationships, valuable ad space can go unfilled. This represents a missed revenue opportunity and a major source of frustration for many video operators. Open your network to multiple ad partners to enhance ad fill rates and minimise inventory waste.

Boost ad inventory value 

Tie into programmatic exchanges to support machine-to-machine ad sales workflows and real-time bidding for your inventory. As awareness and demand for your inventory grows, automated ad sales auctions can help to drive higher CPMs by pitting ad buyers against each other. Rely on VPP's scalable design to ensure ad sales and insertion transactions are processed instantaneously, even when traffic volumes spike. Monitor CPM trends, verify ad placement success, and validate returns using VPP's independent ad tracking and reporting platform.

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