VPP as a Service

Rapidly launch your video advertising business with Velocix's hosted and fully-managed server-side ad insertion software.  Connect to a variety of pre-integrated ad platforms and exchanges to accelerate your time to market and start generating revenue now. Rely on Velocix experts to operate and maintain your dynamic ad insertion framework so you can focus on growing your business.

Full featured SSAI
Fully-managed services
Pay-as-you-go pricing

Full-featured server-side ad insertion

Get access to all of VPP's advanced functionality without deploying a single server. Velocix's cloud-hosted software-as-a-service platform for dynamic ad insertion and stream personalisation is ready to support your business requirements. VPP is pre-integrated with the leading ad platforms and exchanges to make it easier to get your advertising business launched and generating revenue. 

Applications VPP functionality Description
Linear / Live Ad replacement Replace some or all of the original advertisements in live broadcast feeds with targeted ads
Video-on-demand Ad insertion Add advertisements to any type of VOD content to run before (pre-roll), during (mid-roll), or after (post-roll) the main content is viewed
Time-shifted video Ad replacement and insertion Replace stale ads in Cloud DVR or catch-up TV content with more relevant and timely ads
Content access restrictions Alternate content insertion and content blackout Under certain conditions, restict access to content. Optionally replace the original content in a video stream with different content
Other stream personalisation applications Bandwidth controls
Emergency alerts
Content security
Personalised TV
Constrain stream bandwidth to manage network constraints or use VPP to support other conditional streaming behaviours 


Fully-managed services

Jumpstart your video advertising business by enlisting a team of experts that can help you set up, operate, and maintain your ad insertion platform. Velocix's managed services staff can guide you on how to get up and running quickly and will work with you to ensure your deployment is a resounding success. With round-the-clock monitoring and quick-response SLAs, you can rest assured that your ad business is on a stable footing. 

Pay-as-you-go pricing

License VPP software using budget-friendly pay-as-you-go pricing. Reduce your upfront investment by paying only for the capacity you need. Then scale your business fast and take advantage of volume-based discounting to boost your margins. Align your costs with revenues to reduce your financial risk and keep expenses in check as you grow. 

Launch and grow your ad business with VPP, Velocix's cloud-hosted and fully-managed server-side ad insertion and stream personalisation platform.  Save on up-front costs and reduce financial risks with flexible pay as you grow licensing.

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