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Server-side ad insertion 

Use Velocix Personalisation Platform (VPP) powerful server-side ad insertion (SSAI) capabilities to deliver ads that are more relevant and interesting to consumers. Automate ad sales workflows and connect with multiple ad platforms to improve fill rates and generate better returns from your available inventory. 

Multi-purpose ad insertion
Responsive at carrier-scale
Hybrid-cloud flexibility

Multi-purpose ad insertion

Build a better video business by making all of your ad inventory addressable. Addressable ad inventory commands higher prices than traditional avails because it's more effective at connecting marketers with their intended target audiences. VPP enables targeted ads to be sold and inserted into all of your live and on-demand services, unlocking higher revenues with every stream you deliver. 

Applications VPP functionality Description
Linear / Live Ad replacement Replace some or all of the original advertisements in live broadcast feeds with targeted ads
Video-on-demand Ad insertion Add advertisements to any type of VOD content to run before (pre-roll), during (mid-roll), or after (post-roll) the main content is viewed
Time-shifted video Ad replacement and insertion Replace stale ads in Cloud DVR or catch-up TV content with more relevant and timely ads


Responsive at carrier-scale

Digital ad insertion transactions happen fast. Implement an SSAI solution that's highly responsive, even when stream traffic levels are sky-high. Leveraging our extensive experience in content delivery technology, Velocix designed an SSAI solution that provides superior performance under real-world circumstances. With its modular microservices-based design and multi-threaded machine-to-machine workflows, VPP enables ad placement transactions to complete within microseconds. Frame-accurate insertion technology ensures ads are stitched into active streams without glitches or hesitation, every single time. Never miss an ad insertion opportunity. Deploy the only SSAI solution built to carrier-grade standards to safeguard your ad business from falling flat.

Hybrid-cloud flexibility

Build a more scalable ad insertion platform using Velocix's hybrid cloud technology. VPP software can be deployed in the cloud, on bare-metal, or both depending on the needs of your application. 

Deployment model Advantages
Cloud deployment Deploy software in any cloud environment, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure. Scale capacity on-demand to minimise infrastructure costs and satisfy changing workloads.
Bare-metal deployment Run software on dedicated servers to extract the highest performance from the underlying hardware. Churn through predictable ad insertion volumes with the lowest cost deployment option. 
Hybrid-cloud deployment Find the right balance between flexibility and cost by implementing a hybrid design that offers the best of both worlds.


Monitor ad performance across multiple deployment environments with VPP's independent ad tracking and reporting module. Validate revenue splits and keep all stakeholders informed with cloud-accessible analytics software that provides insight into the performance of your growing ad business. 

Take advantage of Velocix's convenient pay-as-you-go and perpetual licensing models to get server-side ad insertion up and running quickly, with less up-front cost and substantially lower expenses over the long term. 


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