Cloud VRM

When you need to get to market fast with a full-featured time-shifted video or network-based DVR service, use Velocix's Cloud VRM to expedite your launch timetable and save on start-up costs. Cloud VRM is a turn-key recording management service that is fully-hosted, managed, and maintained by a team of Velocix experts. We can help you get integrated, launched, and operational in record time, so you can start adding customers and generating revenue as soon as possible. 

Multi-tenant architecture
Pay-as you-go pricing 
Full VRM functionality

Multi-tenant architecture

Take advantage of Cloud VRM's multi-tenancy capabilities to deploy time-shifted video services across multiple sites or operating companies using a common software instance. Multi-site services can be run using shared configuration parameters that ensure a consistent set of features are available at all locations. Unique site-specific attributes can also be supported when there are local or regional requirements that differ from the shared service profile. With multi-tenancy, service operators can save money by reducing redundant infrastructure and related operational costs at each site, while retaining the flexibility of a dedicated system deployment. 

Pay as you go pricing

 Start small with Cloud VRM's budget-conscious pay-as-you-go pricing. License only what you need now, then scale recording capacity over time to support your growing business. Align costs with revenues to reduce financial risk and use flexible on-demand rates to respond to unexpected changes in consumer demand. 

Full VRM Functionality

Employ full-range VRM functionality to attract new subscribers and retain existing ones. Cloud VRM includes all the same market-leading capabilities as the on-premises version, such as multi-screen bookmarking, private and shared-copy recording, configurable recording and storage quotas, and cost-optimising deduplication features. In addition, Velocix employs VRM's cloud-native redundancy and geo-resiliency features to provide carrier-grade reliability and performance at all times. 

Flexible, reliable, and ready for prime time, Cloud VRM is an ideal way to get your time-shifted TV service off the ground quickly.

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