Modular building blocks for video streaming applications

Grow your video business on a solid foundation of carrier-grade technology

Video businesses need flexible and fail-safe technology at the core of their networks, to grow, adapt, and compete in a fast-changing marketplace. That's why the world's leading video companies rely on Velocix. We build open, modular software platforms that span cloud and on-premises networks to efficiently record, store, stream, and monetise video and other media content. With our class-leading carrier-grade technology, Velocix video platforms are ready to support the needs of today and the opportunities of tomorrow.

Let's shape the future of television, together.

Hybrid-cloud technology

Flexible at carrier-scale

Open and modular software

Field-proven performance

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Velocix technology powers many of the world’s largest and most successful video businesses

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The Velocix CDN has been a rock-solid performer for us.

Liberty Global
With the upgrade of our CDN, we can deliver the highest quality entertainment experience.

We needed a solution that was proven to perform at scale.

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Velocix Video Products

Velocix CDN

The market's leading carrier-grade content delivery network software distributes, caches, and streams content to a multitude of connected devices.

Velocix Origin

A scalable recording engine, software-defined storage platform, and content origin server that can package and protect content on-the-fly to suit the target viewing device.

Velocix Recording Manager

A multi-tenant control plane for Cloud DVR and time-shifted TV applications that can orchestrate multi-vendor recording engines, origin servers, and middleware platforms. 

Velocix CDN Broker

Dynamic multi-CDN switching for open environments. Intelligently route video streams over public and private CDNs to maximise the streaming efficiency. 

Velocix Personalisation Platform

A flexible manifest manipulation platform that support dynamic ad insertion, alternate content insertion, content blackout, and other stream personalisation workflows.

Velocix Analytics

A cloud-native video analytics platform that ties into multiple data sources to provide better insight into network performance, capacity planning, and subscriber behaviour.

Velocix Open Caching

Tap into the OTT streaming value chain. Monetise your last-mile network by carrying over-the-top (OTT) stream traffic "through-the-middle" of your own CDN.

Velocix Multicast ABR

A bandwidth optimisation solution for live streaming that can switch ABR stream delivery between unicast and reliable multicast to conserve network capacity. 

Velocix Managed Services

Operational and maintenance services for Velocix products. Enlist our dedicated team of experts to operate, manage, and maintain your Velocix software deployment. 

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